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Self Driving Driverless Cars for Senior Drivers

Self Driving Driverless Cars for Senior DriversA friend of mine just told me that he had to take his dad’s car because he could no longer drive and he had lost his license. It was actually a sad day for both of them. Recognizing that his father had lost his independence and needed more help was tough. It was even tougher for his father who now must rely on others to get around or take a taxi from time to time. This is where we think that self driving cars for senior drivers could be a solution to the aging problem for seniors and baby boomers in general.

Self Driving Driverless Cars for Senior Drivers – License

My friend’s father has already lost his license! Does this mean that if he owned a self driving car, that he could not operate it even though he was technically not driving? At the present time as we understand it, you must be able to take over the car and drive it in emergency situations. If you do not have a license, would this mean that he could not own a car or operate a self driving car?

A self driving car would certainly provide him with a degree of independence that he would not have. Many seniors facing this reality are very concerned about being able to drive, to get out, to buy groceries and to enjoy some entertainment. They do not want to be stuck in their homes.

It will be a few years yet before self driving cars are on the road in any large numbers, but this writer intends to have one sometime in the next 4 or 5 years! I love new technology and as a baby boomer, this car will likely drive better than I could in later years. So why not be safe and drive a driverless car. Or should we say operate a driverless car?

Surprising Secrets of Successful Home Staging

Surprising Secrets of Successful Home Staging“Staging” is about setting up and decorating each room of your home so that it looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Studies show that a property is more likely to sell quickly and for a better price if it is effectively staged. There are a few Surprising Secrets of Successful Home Staging that will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Even if you haven’t heard of staging before, you probably already know the basics, such as eliminating clutter and making sure everything is clean and “guest ready.” It is an emotional time when you are selling a home. Many consumers resist the removal of treasured nick nacks, but it has to be done to make your home more saleable. Besides your moving so might as well start now.

However, there are some home staging “secrets” by staging professionals that you may not know.

Surprising Secrets of Successful Home Staging

Here are a few examples:

Increase horizontal surface space. Make sure desks, counter tops, coffee tables, end tables, etc. are as free of items as possible. Give the impression that there’s lots of room available on horizontal surfaces.

Flowers. Fresh flowers or flowering plants placed in a couple of rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, can have a dramatic impact on how inviting that room looks. Just don’t overdo it.

Don’t be daring when you paint. You may love the idea of a bright yellow and green combination in the family room, but not everyone will share your daring sense of style. If you paint, stick to neutral colors.

Less is more. Be brutally honest about the amount of furniture you have in each room – including wall hangings. Is there a desk, side table or other piece you can put away in storage? Think about ways to make each room more spacious. Space is king!

Ultimately, the best staging advice is to use your common sense. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer as you walk through your home. Ask yourself, “What changes will make this room even more attractive?”

For more information about selling real estate and ideas, click here.



Self Driving Driverless Cars for Disabled

Self driving driverless cars for disabled consumers could bring a new level of independence! Imagine, your disability has prevented you from ever driving a car. With the introduction of this new technology, suddenly you can purchase a car that will drive you from point A to B and you do not need help from anyone, depend on a taxi or take a bus. This technology really has the potential to revolutionize car driving for disabled people, seniors who are uncomfortable driving and anyone who just wants to relax while traveling. But there are lot’s of hurdles to overcome and it may be a few years yet before this is a real possibility.

Self Driving Driverless Cars for Disabled – Issues

The technology still has a little ways to go. Google’s self driving car has over a million miles on it and most if not all car manufacturers have research and development projects to perfect this concept. It may be another 4 or 5 years before we see driverless cars on the roads, but they will be soon.

It is far more problematic to deal with the insurance and liability issues. Every city and government is struggling with how to handle the issues of a driverless car. Can anyone purchase and operate a driverless car? Do you need to have a driver’s license? Who is liable in accident? The owner, the car manufacturer, or the software supplier that is controlling the car?

What about hacking the car? There have been reports of so-called smart cars being hacked already. The hacker has taken over the car, the brakes etc and even stopped the car on the side of the road. This is another major area for manufacturers to think about and deal with.

Self driving driverless cars for disabled consumers would have a huge benefit for this segment of our population. Will they need to have a special drivers license? Will they be able to obtain insurance? There are lots of bureaucratic issues to be resolved before this happens. Rest assured that driverless cars are coming and these issues will get solved over time.

Does the Property You are Buying Meet the Lifestyle Test

Does the Property You are Buying Meet the Lifestyle TestLifestyle is a very important criterion when shopping for a new home. After all, a home and its surrounding neighborhood are the places where much of your lifestyle is going to be experienced. There are many important factors which could influence your decision on one home or another. Does the Property You are Buying Meet the Lifestyle Test? We have listed a few that many people consider, however there are probably many more that could be included on the list. So when considering a new home, think about the lifestyle to which the property is going to lend itself.

Does the Property You are Buying Meet the Lifestyle Test

Ask yourself:

  • How much entertaining do we do?
  • Is it important to have good schools located nearby?
  • How long will the commute to work be?
  • HDo you want a large backyard?
  • Do we need a rec room?
  • How easy will it be to get to golfing, dance lessons, baseball practices, movies and other activities my family and I enjoy?
  • Is there adequate shopping nearby?
  • How important is it to be in a quiet area?
  • Do we want a local park nearby for jogging, playing with the kids, and walking the dog?

This list is just an example. Ideally, you’ll create your own list of questions to ask yourself when considering a particular home. These questions will be based on your own likes and dislikes. It will relate to the life style you want to lead. For example is room for a pool important or perhaps a home with a pool already? For more information about life style issues, click here.



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