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Guide to Smarter Cooling of Your Home

Guide to Smarter Cooling of Your HomeA smart thermostat like the one here can give you peace of mind and might even save you some money. Note we are not promoting this particular thermostat in our guide to smarter cooling of your home. We just used the picture to indicate that these types are available. A smart thermostat should allow you to program various temperatures throughout the day, it should have WiFi allowing remote connections to read and make adjustments and it should also learn your habits so that it will automatically adjust the temperature of your home during the day. The really smart ones will even shut off your heating or cooling system if they detect that a window has been left open.

Guide to Smarter Cooling of Your Home

The question is, “do you need all of these features and will you use them”? We think that once the novelty has worn off, that most consumers will ignore their thermostat. They will program it the way they would like the temperature in the house to be and then forget it. They might check once and awhile online over the internet using their smart phones. Unless they are away for an extended period of time, they will likely never access their smart thermostat again.

If you are paying a premium for the thermostat, you are wasting your money in terms of using all of its functions. make sure that you can set different temperatures during the day and that is generally all you will need. Unless you are going to access the thermostat from over the internet, it is just not worth spending the extra money.

Lost Starbucks Gift Card

Lost Starbucks Gift CardLost gift cards cost us all money, however at least with a lost Starbucks gift card there is a way of protecting yourself from losing the balance on the card. Whether it is only $10 or a &100, no one wants to lose any money. All you have to do is register your card online and use your Starbucks card each time you pay for a coffee or purchase other food items at this store. There are other reasons why you should register these cards.

Recover your Cash – Lost Starbucks Gift Card

If you do lose your card and it is registered, all you need to do is call Starbucks and they will give you a new card and load the previous balance on to your new card. The balance will be clearly shown on your online account.

Other benefits of using one of these gift cards or loyalty cards is that they reward you for being a loyal customer with free refills, free coffees or food items after a specified amount of purchases and they provide you with free food items from time to time as well.

Starbucks has also recently changed its loyalty program. It is not as generous as it was in the past. However you just have to spend more to get the same amount of benefits. It appears to be still worthwhile, however you may want to review other loyalty

For more money saving ideas around your home, click here.


Tesla Model 3 All Electric Car Pre Orders

Tesla Model S RecallTest driving a Tesla Model S convinced this writer that Tesla is really on to something. The Model 3 which it announced recently (April 2016) will be a roaring success. Tesla model 3 all electric car pre orders have surpassed all expectations. They will address them and deliver a industry leading vehicle. The consumer will respond if you deliver quality, deliver safety and luxury in an all areas. The Model 3 is an interesting car.

Tesla Model 3 All Electric Car Pre Orders

As of the date of writing this post, Tesla has over 300,000 pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3. That is huge for any car vendor and really just the beginning. Sure there will be some shrinkage, but there will be a lot more orders coming in.

The Model 3 is an unknown car at this point. It will do 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds. It will have many of the same features that the Model S has. However, all features and details are not finalized. Tesla is not making the details available just yet. Prospective buyers are placing their orders based on the reputation of Tesla and the Model S reputation.

After test driving the Model 3, their faith in the car and the manufacturer is well placed. More to come on Tesla’s Model 3!

Register Starbucks Gift Cards

Register Starbucks Gift CardsStarbucks recently updated its loyalty system and we thought it might  be timely to write about why it is still important to register Starbucks gift cards. The loyalty program is not as generous as it used to be. But that is really the subject of another post. To say the least, we are not happy about the changes they are making. All one can do is to spend less money at Starbucks to register your displeasure. In the mean time if you are given a Starbucks gift card for a birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion, it s a good idea to register it for a couple of reasons.

Register Starbucks Gift Cards

Once you register the card and begin to use it, every customer will begin to collect stars. These stars accumulate towards a future free drink or pastry. As we said it is not that generous any more, but it is something.

Secondly, there will now be an online track record of all of your expenses, how much you spent at the last location and how much is still left on your card. If for some reason you lose the card or it gets stolen, call Starbucks immediately and they will be able to shut down the card and transfer the balance to another card. You will not have lost all of your money.

Third, if you are unsure about how you are spending your money, you can always check your account online. Confirm how much and where you are spending your money. For more information about saving money, click here.



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