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GoodYear Tire

.ATV Tires and AccessoriesGoodyear tires, like any other tire should be inspected visually on a daily basis or whenever you plan to drive your car. A quick glance will let you know if the tires are properly inflated, within several pounds. A closer inspection once a week should also be completed to observe tire pressure and any possible damage to the tread or the rim at the time. This sort of check can be completed in seconds as you approach the car! Many new cars also have tire pressure monitor systems installed. New cars are very accurate, however if you have an older car, the tire pressure could be down a few pounds before an alarm is triggered in your car about the need to check your tires. Check your tires often.

GoodYear Tire

GoodYear Tires operate the same as any other tire. You also get what you pay for. By that we mean that if you buy a tire that is good for 40,000 miles, don’t expect to last longer than that. the following are some of the issues that motorists should consider regardless of the kind of tires they purchase.

Flat Tires

When a Goodyear tire goes flat it should be removed immediately to be inspected and repaired. If you drive on a tire for a short distance the tire could be permanently ruined. Even driving a short distance can ruin a tire. Punctures that are smaller than ¼ inch can usually be related. Larger punctures or holes cannot be usually repaired. Sidewall punctures should never be repaired and the tire should be replaced.

Balance Your Tires

Goodyear tires should always be balanced when they are first installed on new rims. They should also be balanced whenever you feel vibration in the steering wheel or the car in general. Continued vibration may harm the tires and cause them to overheat or wear unevenly. Some tire companies suggest that the tires should be balanced at least once per year.

Good year tires can last much longer if consumers maintain proper balance, if they maintain proper inflation and alignment. Visually check your tires every time you drive the car and a thorough check each week.

Check Your Tires

Any time you feel any vibration, have your tires checked and balanced. With a set of four tires costing as much as $500 or even more with installation and wheel balancing, it makes good financial sense to check your tires often. Even a quick glance will be enough to notice if anything is wrong. It could save you a lot of money by increasing your gas mileage, by giving more stability when driving at high speeds and avoiding accidents. Tires wear quickly when they are under inflated which leads to premature replacement.

If your tires are wearing more on one side of the tire than the other, check your cars alignment. This should be tackled immediately as soon as you notice this uneven wear on the tire to avoid the tires being ruined and having to spend a lot of money on a set of new tires.

Best Tires

Best TiresHow do you know what the best tires are for your car? Most people just go to the dealer or to a tire company and tell them the kind of tires the car came with and install new tires from the same manufacturer.  Sometimes the dealer will look it up in a database he has access to, while other times you will have to check the existing tires to see what they are. Size and manufacturer are the key bits of information.

Best Tires Fit Your Car

They have to be of the same size and width to fit your car and there are usually many different tires that can be installed. Some are summer tires, some are winter tires, but most people put all season tires on their cars unless you happen to be in a state or province were they make it mandatory to have snow tires installed in the winter time.

Tires also come with various load ratings and speed ratings. How do you know what speed and load rating to install on your car? The reality is you do not and most people just need to rely on the dealer’s recommendation to install the best tires for their car or at least the tires that are rated for each make and model along with the type of driving that you do. Your car’s manual will have a section on tires and will advise regarding the type of tire to install.

Tire Sizes & Ratings

Our tires are P215 60R16 M&S! Whatever does that mean and how do you select tires that will fit your car? The M&S is the easy part. This means Mud and Snow. The tires are supposed to be ok for both conditions in addition to summer time driving. They are generally ok, however if you want to have good traction, consumers should really consider winter snow tires with heavy tread meant for snowy conditions. M&S tires are not great in heavy snow conditions and most people will install snow tires for the winter time if they drive every day in snow conditions for safety.

The remaining numbers are a bit more complex:

  • 215 means the width of the tire face is 215mm (8.46 inches)
  • 60 means that the size of the sidewall is 60% of the width of the tire face
  • R16 means that the tire is designed to fit 16 inch rims

You can change the width of the tire. However you cannot change the rim size of your tire. If you do, the actual speed will be faster than what is shown on your speedometer. This depends on whether you add larger or smaller rim size tires. Your car has been designed for this size of tire. Your car will have the best handling characteristics and the best gas mileage with tires that meet these specs. Anything different will affect the car. Most people just have to tell the tire company the make and model of the car. They will add the right kind of tires.

Cheap Tires or Best Tires

There are tires that will last longer and will be able to handle higher speeds at hot temperatures.  Longer lasting tires usually cost more and make sense if you are keeping the car for a long time. If you planning to sell your car, you may not want to spend much money on new tires. This is another factor to take into account when you are buying tires. Find the best tires for your car at the best tire price.


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