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Tire repair, is it worth it or not to have your tires repaired when you have a flat? Never drive on a flat tire for any distance. Tires that have picked up a nail can be repaired easily, however if you drive on the flat tire for any length of time, you risk damaging the sidewalls and that means a new tire. In most cases the answer is yes, however there are some situations where you really have no choice. In these situations, you pretty much have to purchase a new tire instead of repairing the tire and you might have to replace all four tires, not just the one that was flat.

Tire Side Wall Problems

Any time a tire has a sidewall problem; all tire repair garages are going to tell you not to risk trying to repair the tire. In fact they will not repair the tire for you since they cannot repair the tire and provide any kind of warranty for their work. Driving on this type that has been repaired, if it can be repaired, is actually quite dangerous. If you have a sudden blowout on this tire, you could actually have an accident! Consumers in this situation will pretty much be faced with buying a new tire.

Tire sidewall problems occur from being hit from the side. This can be cause by many situations, but usually it is due to hitting the curb too hard and damaging the rim and or the tire itself. There are lots of other situations that can cause tire sidewalls to give out, but if it happens to you, you can be sure that the tire will need to be replaced.

Tire Store – New Tires Needed

If your tires are well used and you get a flat tire, it may be time to buy new tires instead of trying to repair the tire. If the tire is bald, the tire repair store is not going to repair the tire for you since they cannot warranty the tire for you. This will trigger a new tire purchase as well.

If all of the tires are bald, or nearing the end of their life, you may want to replace all four tires rather than just purchase the single tire. All tires should be roughly the same in terms of mileage and they should all be of the same kind and make to ensure maximum efficiency and stability, especially when you are driving at highway speeds. Your tires must be the same make and model , they must be balanced and they must have the same tire pressure to ensure stability of your car at highway speeds.

The tire store dealer will not even sell you a set of different tires, nor will they install different tires on your car due to the safety issue. If you happen to find a tire store that will do this for you, they really do not care about your safety and are just interested in selling tires. Always make sure that the same make, model and age of tires are on all four wheels of your car.

Tire Dealers

.There are literally thousands of tire dealers available and for good reason. Lot’s of money can be made from selling tires to consumers. Dealers make money when they sell tires, specialized rims, summer tires, winter tires, all season tires and specialty tires. If they are a multipurpose place, they will also repair muffler and may even complete auto repairs as well. Should you go to a specialty tire store who only focuses on tires or should you go to a dealer that you have faith in and provides maintenance repair services as well?

Then there are the tire repairs that are often needed. Rebalance tires, fixing flat tires and so on. It never seems to end and they make a lot of money off these services.  The question a lot of consumers ask themselves is where should I purchase my tires and how can I get the best deal for tires?

Compare Tire Dealers

The old answer is just the same as always. Do your homework, shop around, compare prices and negotiate if you can. Take into account services that are provided and if they are valuable to you, then add these services into the equation while making your decision.

Services might include tire rotation included in the price, tire repairs, tire inflation with nitrogen and so on.  Some consumers will obtain a great deal for their tires from a tire dealer, but then they have to pay $15 a tire to have the tires balanced and rotated after so many miles. That is a total cost of $60 which can add up to a large number over a few years if you drive a lot. Paying at bit more with tire rotation and balancing included might be a better deal.

Tire Dealers – Clean Reception Areas

Some consumers also value being able to go into clean comfortable and warm dealerships when they have their tires replaced. They want to be dealing with what they consider a professional company and a clean tire dealer is one way of getting the impression that the dealership is professional and doing a good job at providing service to their customers.

Personally we have found that Costco has the best tire prices. They have the best service for replacing tires, rotating tires and generally looking after everything to do with tires regarding your car. They have stores all over the country including Canada and the US and Mexico. As well as in many other countries depending on where you’re driving. You can have tire maintenance done at any of the stores as long as you have a receipt for your tires that you purchased at Costco.

Costco will rotate your tires, balance and check the air pressure  for as long as you own the car. If your tires are filled with nitrogen, they will also refill or top up your tires as needed with nitrogen.

Tire Stores

Tire StoresThere are lots of tires stores that sell tires and the dealer were you purchased your car will also sell you tires. We have shown one such tire store which is a large national chain in Canada. They sell tires and many other items for cars, complete repairs and offer many household and sporting goods for sale. This is a full service chain with many parts and household items that consumers can purchase.

Car Dealers and Tire Stores

These tire stores and others have steel rims for those people who want to install snow tires on their cars without the need to change rims every year. For most people they will take the easiest approach. Some will go to their car dealer who will install the tires, balance them, and even store your summer tires during the winter. This is probably the most expensive place to purchase tires, even if they do store your tires.

Large National Tire Chains

Large tire chains such as America’s Tire specialize in selling and installing tires. They have a full selection of tires and offer really great service as well to their customers. Most of these companies will bundle installation, balancing, tire rotation and nitrogen filling of the tires for one competitive price. Larger chains will honor repairs all over the USA.

Chain stores that sell products of all kinds and have stores all over North American are often the best to consider, since not only do they bundle prices and services, they can offer warranty service in most major cities across the continent. If you have a warranty problem of some kind just drop into one of these stores with your receipt and they will look after you.

Tires and Extensive Travel

The writer travels extensively by car across Canada and the US. As a result we look for a tire store chain that caters to consumers in both countries and will honor warranties in both countries.  We have found that Costco is one of those stores that sell tires among many other things. They provide an excellent warranty and they honor their warranty across both countries wherever thee is a Costco store.

They provide free tire rotation, top up with air or nitrogen depending on what you use and of course the warranty across the continent. We have used this service and found it to be excellent with fast service and literally no waiting time.

If you are not a traveler, then you may not need this service and will be more comfortable with local tire store services. There are many such tire stores available and many will also be associated with  national services that will be advantageous to many consumers. When you are purchasing tires, it is important take into account this type of service as well as the overall price and warranty. Always make sure that you install the proper tires on your car to avoid any dangerous issues that can be created by installing the wrong tires on your car.

These tire stores also offer tires on sale as well. Paying close attention to flyers and web sites or checking in with the store once a week can usually save a few hundred dollars in the cost of four tires. It can be definitely worth the effort to save this kind of money.


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