Common Sense Car Tips for Your Car in Winter
2017/01/21 Car Maintenance

Common Sense Car Tips for Your Car in WinterIt is the middle of winter as this post is being composed. It is very cold where we live and there is lots of snow. Fortunately our car starts easily every day because we have taken care of it. Good maintenance and common sense use can make a huge difference regarding how your car runs. Here are some Common Sense Car Tips for Your Car in Winter. Getting it started is one of the first items of concern on a really cold day. That’s why we focus on the battery to begin with.

Common Sense Car Tips for Your Car in Winter

Batteries – lose power as it gets colder and they get older. If your battery is approaching 3 years or more or it is really cold there are a couple of steps you can take to help it start your car. A battery warmer in extreme cold weather is a great investment. Storing your car indoors also helps. Although it is expensive, replacing your battery after 4 years will probably save you a great deal of frustration. A well tuned car also helps.

Let it warm up – once it is started allows the engine to heat the oil in the engine and the transmission. It will flow better and lubricate all of the important areas before you place the engine under load. It will also be warmer in the car when you do get in.

Remove frozen junks from wheel wells – it builds up with all of the slush on the road. If you allow it to fall off on its own, there is a good chance it will damage the wheel wells or the underside of the car.

Tire Pressure drops – during cold weather. You will lose control and traction with low pressure tires. Check them on a regular basis and top up as needed.

Windshield wipers break – during freezing rain situations or water dripping down the windshield as it melts from the heater.  When you park your car, lift them up so that they will not freeze to the windshield.

Be careful with windshield washer bibs – as you are scraping the ice off the windshield. They become brittle during cold weather and easily broken as you are scraping ice and slush from the windshield.

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  1. The unpredictable weather conditions of winter make it tough for a convertible to give its best performance. In some instances, the weather becomes so hazardous that the plummeting temperature triples the possibility of mechanical malfunctions. Somehow your negligence towards the respective seasonal car care rubs salt in the wound. Thus, as a vehicle owner, you should not be sloppy at winter car maintenance. Rather you should get your intermediary serviced properly so that your adorable road companion can effortlessly bring the winter provocations to their knees. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. Great article – thanks for the insights.

  3. If the conditions are particularly cold you should also consider switching to winter fluids to keep things running a little more smoothly.

  4. When the temperature starts to drop, then it is the time to get the car ready for the winter. I think the right kind of maintenance, preparation and emergency tools can be literal lifesavers for harsh conditions. To my view, winter is the most demanding time to get the car up to speed on all of its regular maintenance. We have to check the fluid, check the tires, clean the interior, inspect and charge the battery and also maintain the coolant system to keep the car in a good order. Yes, of course we usually have no sense on winter car care but have to care our car with full sense in order to receive better performance through out the winter.

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