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Raccoon Poop on the Roof

One topic we have not touched on is what to do about raccoon poop on your roof. This situation often occurs when the access to the den, which happens to be in your attic is through an opening on your roof under one of the eaves. The picture on the left is a typical situation were the raccoons have gained access onto the roof and then pushed the soffit up to gain access to their den inside the attic of your home. Before you say, raccoons could not climb onto the roof of my home. Think again. They gain access by climbing up the brick if you have a brick wall, they can gain access from trees nearby. If there is a remote way to get there they will find it. Back to dealing with raccoon poop or scat on the roof and what to do about it.

During their entrance and exit to the den they will also do some damage and have been known to scatter insulation as well as their own scat on the roof. A picture later in this post shows just how bad it can get when this sort of thing occurs.  Most people do not want to personally deal with removing raccoons and will hire an expert to remove the raccoons and place a secure guard of wire mesh over the entrance so that another family will not make the existing den their new home.

Raccoon Poop – Cleaning up Your Roof

Cleaning up though is usually left to the home owner and several precautions need to be taken. If you live in an area were you get heavy rains, chances are that the rain will wash the raccoon scat or poop off the roof and down the down spout. this is a good thing and makes the job easy unless there is also insulation and other pieces of your home mixed in. In this case you are going to have to clean it up and maybe even unplug the down spout and the eaves troughs as well.

In areas were you do not get much rain, it is going to be pretty much up to you. Otherwise the poop will just stay there and possibly clog up your eaves trough and down spout.

Take Precautions When Cleaning up Raccoon Poop

If you do need to clean things up yourself take the following precautions:

  • Were a mask to prevent any spores from entering your lungs
  • Were rubber gloves and through them out when you are finished
  • Use tools as needed and wash them thoroughly when you finish
  • Discard all material in a garbage bag that will go to the dump
  • Clean up any raccoon poop around your yard in the same manner

The following picture shows an example of what some people have had to deal with. A combination of insulation, foam insulation, raccoon poop and possibly other material that they have pulled out of the attic. Not a pretty picture and very frustrating for the owners.

We want to emphasize that you need to stop the raccoons from getting into your home first before any clean up is done.  If you do not they will just keep making a mess. Also you need to do it properly so that other  raccoons cannot get in later after the first ones are removed.  A post we did a few months ago deals with this issue in more detail . Click here to go to that post.

If you have had to deal with this problem, we would like to hear from you. Leave us a constructive informed comment that will be interesting to our readers. We will even approve your comment with a link if the comment is helpful to our readers.


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  1. Raccoon scat on the roof is a sure sign that raccoons have made a den in your attic some where. Arrange for the experts to get rid of them for you

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