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Smart Phones, TV & Holywood!

Smart Phones TV HolywoodSmart Phones TV Hollywood are popular subjects among teens these days.  Our last post was about teenagers and their use of smart phones and how they get them selves into trouble by posting content and videos of themselves that previously was only seen in the porn industry. This post is about another topic that is about what is influencing our teenagers and causing them to do some of these plainly stupid things.

We all got to see Charlie Sheen’s implosion and the silliness of his life with the goddesses. There have been numerous stars before him that have gone through the same sort of thing, all on the front page and carried across every TV network. It got to the point it was sickening. To top it off, Charlie Sheen was able to garner approximately three million twitter followers in 3 days which was previously unheard of. This is the tie in with the Smart Phones TV Hollywood.

Smart Phones TV Hollywood – Teenagers Following Charlie Sheen

Not only were teenagers following Charlie Sheen, some of my senior adult friends were also following him. I am not sure if he is such a freak and they had to watch this weirdness or they actually like the guy. Either way the smart phone has made it possible for people all over the world to stay in touch with their friends and their followings.

So is this a good thing. Charlie Sheen is not exactly a role model for our kids to follow. Yet it shows a few, very few people getting rich and making a name for themselves both on TV as well as online. How do we put this in perspective and what should we tell our kids about this entire ridiculous event?

Follow the Money

My wife and I have had numerous discussions about the entire Charlie Sheen affair and some of the other actresses that have exploded and then been able to recover. She has a very negative view of the actors, the industry and anyone who follows them. And I guess that is the point. If no one followed them they would not be famous and they would not get the attention, nor the money that comes their way as a result.

It used to be that talent brought great movies and TV shows and fame and fortune. Now today, there is more interest in notoriety which generates juge followings and money as well. Just look at Paris Hilton who gets paid to show up at a club or special event. Do you think she really wants to go to one of these things. Not really. But due to the fan base she now has, she can command huge sums of money every time she shows up at some event.

The Kardashians are the same and Charlie Sheen as demonstrated that he can do the same. Some of his concerts, if you can call them that, were sold out in 18 minutes. Unbelievable! That’s why he is doing this entire thing. Sure he is pissed at CBS and Chuck Lorrie. But the real reason is to generate such notoriety that he can command a huge sum of money for his tours as well as his show when he returns to Two and a Half Men!

The Smart Phone Connection

We digressed a little bit on this post to talk about Charlie. Well the connection is that he is all over Twitter and all over face book. Probably all over face book as well.  There are thousands of posts like this one talking about him. They are all available to our kids on their smart phones.

This is the new role model parents and they are glued to that thing at meals, on the bus, at school, and at night in their bedrooms. You cannot take it away. But I believe you have to talk to them, get them involved in family things. Make it fun and more interesting than the content on the phone to keep them from being swayed by the  latest smart phone craze!

Comments are welcome. Do you agree or disagree with what I am saying. For more on teens and smart phones, click here.


Teenagers and Smart Phones

Teenagers and Smart PhonesI just watched a short documentary about the use of smart phones with cameras by teenagers and how much trouble they get themselves into. Teenagers and smart phones can be a lethal mix. It was so interesting and a huge concern that I just had to write a blog post about it. My wife and I discussed it at length and I wanted to include some of our thoughts about this subject. Almost every one under 25 has a smart phone these days. With the deals that can be had from the various companies offering data plans and phones, virtually anyone can have a smart phone these days.

Teenagers and Smart Phones – Unintentional Porn Movies

The story was about a young girl, approximately 15. She was asked by her then boyfriend to make a little movie showing her undressing for him. Apparently they were already having sex. He wanted something to remember her  when they were not together. which was most of the time.

So she uses her smart phone. Makes a little video showing her taking her clothes off and posts it on Youtube for only him to see. Some girls just send the file to their boyfriends as well. As with most young relationships they last for a few weeks or months. Then they break up to move onto another relationship.

The former boyfriend now felt no ties with his old girlfriend, may have even felt a little rejected due to the break up, He decides to share the video with his buddies. In the case that was shown on TV, the entire school including the teachers saw the video. She was given the nick name – Porn Star, around school. Now how difficult and bad can that be for a young girl who is still developing physically and emotionally? She was devastated and learned a really tough lesson! This is an extreme example of teenagers and smart phones getting into trouble.


This story prompted a huge discussion with my wife about todays state of affairs. Why girls would feel that they need to do these sorts of things to be accepted by the male in their community.

This is a very sensitive topic in our household since we have two girls and we have a new grand daughter and we worry about what they have to face in the world and what pitfalls they will fall into as they go about their lives.

Emotions vs. Logic

Lets face it, today’s kids are thinking with their emotions and their hormones and not with any logic. If they stepped back and thought about it for a moment, they would realize that anything they post on the net is going to be made public by some idiot. But instead they have only thoughts for their boy friend of the day and what they have to do to keep them or attract them.

If they could see into the future and see what was going to happen to them with the release of the video, do you think for an instant they would still release this video of themselves? Not any half sane individual.

What can parents do?

Kids are going to do what they want to do for the most part. They are smart and most are intelligent, although somewhat misguided. They are going to have all of the toys and if you try to prevent them from getting s smart phone they will just find another way to get one. This is when parents really have to be aware of the issues for teenagers and smart phones.

The best approach we believe is to discuss things with them, the ramifications of taking specific steps, the pitfalls of certain actions and what can happen. Some of this is really difficult conversation, and sometimes you may think that they are not listening. In our experience we were sure that we were not getting through to our kids until one day we overheard them quote something that we had said to them about a subject we were really concerned about.

Communicate with your kids about every possible subject. Arm them with information so that they will not be so naive as to make a video of them getting undressed which then gets sent all over the school.

Hope this helps, comments are welcome. Our next post will be about the impact of TV and Hollywood on our kids. For more on teens and smart phones, click here.





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