We decided to start this blog about how to save some money while maintaining our homes after watching many people lose their homes and also the significant economic hit that everyone took over the 2008 and 2009 period. They are only now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and everyone is trying to conserve their funds until they get a new job or even if they have a job. Every dollar in your pocket is one that can help you and your family in the future.

It is also important to point out that our homes are probably the single biggest investment that we will make in our lifetime. It is also important to add that if we do not maintain our homes adequately there is a strong possibility that our home will decline in value over time and / or be much more difficult to sell. Maintenance costs can also skyrocket as well when a poorly maintained home sustains water damage or some other problem due to poor maintenance.

We hope to be able to post a new blog post every 2nd week.

We will be covering everything from maintaining your yard, looking after the windows, taps and faucets, reducing heating and cooling and much more. There are also new technologies that are available that consumers can take advantage of such as water saving toilets. Some are subsidized and some are not. Either way  we will take a look at the business case for spending the money to  upgrade or just maintaining what you have.

There are so many topics that we expect to be writing this blog for some time about maintaining your home. Saving money around your home by doing things your self which will appeal to the DIY’s.  All of  this work will generally increase the value of your home so that when it comes time to sell it, you can get top dollar for it.

Feel free to send in your ideas, we may even post a blog about it. If we all work together, perhaps we can all save some money and stretch what we have a little further. Following this approach has certainly saved me a great deal of money over the years and allowed me to do things that I could not otherwise afford.

Plan to some work every year so that it does not build up and become over whelming both emotionally and financially. Plan for the roof replacement one year, the furnace another and so on. If these things all occur at the same time, you may find that you cannot always afford to to everything that needs to be done.

Invest in the tools you need to maintain a home, watch Yutube videos to see how things are done and talk to the experts in an effort to educate yourself. With the money you save, you can afford to make a few mistakes, although no one never wants to make a mistake, it does happen from time.

Our final thought about maintaining your home is don’t be afraid to try things, but always be safe. If it feels uncomfortable then it probably is and you should investigate how to do the job properly before you put yourself or your family in any kind of danger.

Good luck with maintaining your home.