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Tire Prices

Best TiresConsumers really have to be alert when it comes to buying tires and figuring out whether the tire prices they are being quoted are really a good deal or not. Tire companies will have sales on at various times and if you catch one of these sales you can sometimes get a really good deal. You have to know what the normal prices are for the tires that you are looking for to be really able to compare and determine if the deal that is being offered is a good one or not. In other words do your homework and then make a decision using the criteria that fits with your needs.

Tire Prices

Tire Services

In addition, most tire prices may or may not include services such as warranty, road hazard warranties, balancing, nitrogen filled tires, tire rotation, tire checks and top up of nitrogen or air depending on the type of tire you have. If these services are not included, they can be expensive if they have to be paid for separately. For example tire rotation and balancing can start at $15 per tire and go higher in many cases. If this service is included in the price, it can mean a substantial savings for as long as you own the car and have those tires on your car. These are details that the buyer needs to pay attention to in addition to the price of the tire.

Tire Mileage

Tire prices are also based on how many miles the tire is warranted for. Cheaper tires will only last 20,000 miles while more expensive tires will last much longer, upwards of 50,0000 or 60,000 miles. If cash flow is an issue or if you do not plan to keep your car very long, you may want to go with a tire that is warranted for lower mileage and save some money. If you plan to keep your car for some time go with a tire that will last longer. You will need more tire rotations and balancing as a result so this also becomes an important issue for most car owners.

Older Tires

Finally sometimes tire companies have a sale to get rid of older tires. These are tires that have been sitting around literally for a few years and they want to sell them at a discount to get them off their inventory. A tire should not be used if it is more than 7 years old. The rubber begins to deteriorate and will not last very long on your car. You can ask the tire sales person to show you the age of the tire and explain how to tell how old the tire is. Tire prices are complex and have many variables, so do your homework before buying new tires for your car.

Can you imagine driving around on really old tires! It is one thing to travel at city speeds of perhaps 30 miles per hour, but what happens to an old tire when it heats up when driven at highway speeds of 60 miles per hour or even higher. In many of the western states it is not uncommon to see highway and interstate speeds of 75 miles per hour. If your tire blows out at that speed, you could suffer a bad accident if you lose control of your vehicle at those speeds. always check on the age of the tire in addition to all of the other things we mention when considering tire prices.

Tire Sales

Tire sales occur at various times of the year usually at the time when you do not need tires or when you are short of cash and really do not want to spend the money. In addition we often procrastinate as well and leave purchasing tires for our cars until the last possible minute and then we miss out on any sales that might be available.

Seasonal Tire Sales

Tire sales often take place just before winter sets in and in the spring. These are the times of the year when consumers are traditionally changing the tires on their cars to install winter tires or to install summer tires. Tires sales can be quite good, particularly if you watch for the sales and purchase four tires all at the same time. In fact your car will perform better if you have good tires on the car, they are properly inflated and all four tires are all the same make and model. You never want to have different sized tires on your car as this will cause instability and could even cause you to lose control of your car. Always replace all four tires at the same time.

Steel Rims for Winter Tires

Winter tires can also be purchased with steel rims so that the summer tires can easily be removed and the winter tires plus steel rims can be installed in a matter of minutes.  Using steel rims on snow tires saves your regular rims from wear and tear during the winter driving season. In addition if you have to remove summer tires and install the winter tires, the physical removal and installation can sometimes damage the rims. All you need to do is make sure they are balanced before installation and you are good to go with the extra set of steel rims.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are usually harder rubber and will last longer as a result. But summer tires are too stiff for winter use and they do not grip the road as well as softer rubber winter tires.  Soft winter tires will wear more quickly during the summer time if you leave them on all year long and your gas mileage will not be as good either.  Install your winter tires in early November and then remove them in April before it gets too warm. All season tires are popular with many people in areas that receive light snow falls.  If you are living in the mountains where you get a lot of snow, good snow tires with chains are often required just to get around.

Consumers can reduce the overall cost of buying tires by taking advantage of these tire sales, as long as you watch for them and take the time to go into the tire dealer and take advantage of the sale. Some people will just buy the tires and have them installed later if they do not have the time to leave their car for the tires to be installed.

Tires Sale

Tires SaleConsumers can really save a lot of money with tires sales. There are times during the year when all of the tire companies will have sales on for tires that coincide with the seasons. In the fall for example, winter tires will go on sale in the October period to try to drive up sales before the real rush that begins with the first snow fall. They can increase sales during the lull before the storm. Most drivers tend to wait until that first snow fall and then head off to get new tires or have their snow tires installed.

Many people will buy an extra set of steel rims for their snow tires so they can change their own tires if they want to. With an extra set of rims you also avoid potential damage to the rims when you remove and install tires on aluminum rims.

Take Advantage of Tires Sale

Most of us procrastinate and wait until it gets really cold and that first snow comes down. Then there is trouble for everyone. Cars are sliding everywhere, people are trying to get their snow tires installed, and other consumers are trying to buy snow tires and rims even if it is at full price.

Tire shops are working overtime to keep up with all of the rush to purchase snow tires. Couldn’t consumers just do this in advance and have their tires installed when there is not such a rush. In addition you avoid all of these potential accidents.

The other time that tires go on sale is the transition from winter to spring. They go on sale because consumers need new tires and have to remove their snow tires. This is a great time to take advantage of tires for sale.

Sometimes tires go on sale because there is an oversupply. Consumers need to be careful in these situations. Tires on sale like this can be a really good price, however sometimes these tires have been sitting around for many years.

Check Your Tires Age

Before you buy always check the age of the tires and confirm they are no older than 6 years. Rubber looses it’s properties slowly, however you do not want them on your car during a high speed blowout due to age.

Even if you purchase tires on sale from a reputable tire company, do not take it for granted that they are not old tires. Many people just do not realize that sometimes tires sit around for a long time and then are sold at steep discount to get rid of them. When we purchase them at a store, we have no idea how old they are unless we check first. Even reputable stores may sell them when they are old and past their prime. Always have the mechanic check the age of the tires before they are installed. The information is easily found from the tire by looking at the appropriate code on the side of the tire.

Save money but do so with your eyes open and always compare prices with other tire companies as well as tires from different manufacturers before you make a decision.

Tires for Sale

Tires for SaleThe best time to buy tires is at the end of the seasons when lots of dealers have tires for sale and are trying to deplete their inventory before the next season begins. A good example of this is snow tires. If you can wait until the end of winter or early spring, you should be able to find all kinds of tires for sale with no problems whatever. You may even find that the steel rims will be on sale as well which will save you a lot of money. Steel rims are often used by many consumers for snow tires on their cars in the winter time. This avoids them having to remove and install tires on their more expensive rims. Rims have been damaged by excessive removal of tires, balancing etc.

How Much do You Really Save Buying Tires for Sale

Of course you will have to store them somewhere over the summer months and you will lose the use of that money you spent on the tires, however if you save enough it can be well worth it. Let’s assume that your tires cost you a thousand dollars and you bought them six months before you needed them. You had to take out a personal loan for 10% to buy the tires. We are using round numbers here to make the calculations easy. You should substitute your own values in for tires you purchase and the carrying cost of money that you have.

Carrying one thousand dollars for a period of six months is going to cost $50. If you can save more than that by buying these tires for sale now, storing for 6 months and then using them, you will be ahead of the cost curve. In fact you might be further ahead of the price of next year’s tires go up which they probably will. Look for tires for sale now to get the best deals.

Used Tires for Sale

Also many consumers who are  on the lookout for tires can find tires on sale through the online resale web sites in their own city or by getting to know the dealer and picking up used tires that are priced very well. One friend found a set of four snow tires with steel rims that were used and was able to purchase them for $150 with installation and balancing.

They are sufficient for the winter and were a really great deal. Another friend picked up a set of tires that were advertised online. They agreed on a price and he had to drive to another city close by to pick them up. Again a really great deal for him. So always look for tires on sale. Either from a tire company or from online systems that are available in your area.

There are also companies who buy used tires from wreckers and cars that have been taken off the road. They are sold as used tires for the most part, but consumers need to be careful. These tires may be unbalanced, they may be worn badly and they could just be really old. If you are buying these kinds of tires, consumers need to be really careful. The tires could be so old that they are not safe at high speeds. They could damage your shocks and springs if they are not balanced properly.

We urge consumers to take extra care in these kinds of situations.

Tires on Sale

Tires on SaleAuto tires go on sale at various times of the year. The consumer can save a great deal of money if they take the time to compare prices by comparison shopping. If they really want to purchase tires on sale that are at a good sales price, you have to shop around. Last summer I did just that. We found a huge difference in price and services for tires at various businesses which sell tires to consumers. It was surprising to see what a difference there was in the price for the tires and also for the features or services they offered.

Still it took me quite a few hours to visit the places I was considering. I had already  eliminated a few by searching online for tires and making a few phone calls to discuss prices and services. If a dealer is advertising tires on sale, still take the time to compare prices for the tires, balancing and installation. You may be surprised at how the total cost may not always be that great a price.

The first place I went to was a place that repaired a flat tire for me for free. I showed up at their store one day with a flat tire which I had already removed and replaced with my spare tire. I brought the tire into the store and although I had to wait my turn which is expected, they repaired the tire for free. No charge with the request that I consider them when I needed new tires. Of course this was the first place that I went too when it came time to purchase new tires.

Tires on Sale

America’s Tire

This was America’s Tire, and we were very impressed since we had not dealt with them previously. America’s Tire gave us a decent price. They provide free tire rotations and repairs for as long as we owned the car. America’s Tire have stores all over the USA. We can take them in to these other locations if we had a problem. They charge extra for balancing and filling the tires with nitrogen.


We went to Walmart, however they were the worst both in terms of service and price. Surprising, but  the person I spoke to really did not now anything about tires. They could not offer us a deal either, so we gave up on this pretty fast. I think it was just the wrong guy on duty at the time, but still this looks bad for the store.


Costco had a sale on when we arrived that included balancing, nitrogen filled and free tire rotation at any of their stores in Canada as well as the USA. They were slightly more expensive, however with the services and the availability of stores to get service, we decided to go with them.

Several months later I went in to another Costco to have my tires rotated and rebalanced. We drive a lot and it does not take long to drive 12,000 miles which is when we needed to have our tires changed. All I needed to do was show my receipt and the work was completed quickly within 30 minutes of arriving. A great job and well worth the money to purchase tires at Costco. In fact we went into the store and purchased our groceries at the same time while the work was being completed.

So before you make a decision, check out all of the places that have tires on sale and compare price and service for exactly  the same tire.


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