Benefits of Wood Flooring, Compared to Other Types of FlooringAre you planning major renovations like the guy in the image? Perhaps replacing warn carpet. Many people consider hardwood flooring as an alternative. If you are unaware of the benefits of wood flooring, you have come to the right post. This post lists all of the major benefits that consumers enjoy when they install wood floors. Don’t forget that it is a personal choice. Some of the benefits will be more important for some people compared to others. Review our list and make your decision based on what is a high priority for you. Take into account personal likes and dislikes. Are you selling? Do you have allergies, etc.?

Benefits of Wood Flooring, Compared to Other Types of Flooring

Last, For Decades – wood floors can last a very long time. They can even be re-sanded and stained to make them look new again. Carpets may need to be replaced due to wear and tear, stains, etc every five years or so.

Easy to Clean – use a light brush or vacuum to keep it clean. Once and a while wash the floors with a damp mop. Carpeting must be cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine.

More Hygienic – dust, skin particles, and even food find their way deep into the pile of carpets. All of this material is easily vacuumed with hardwood floors. Combine with a central vacuum that exhausts outside and you have a super clean home.

Eliminate Odors – carpets retain odors from pets and decomposing food particles. Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean and can be washed easily to get rid of odors.

Underfloor Heating – wood is a great medium to use for underfloor heating as is tile. Carpets are not recommended over underfloor heating.

Lower Long Term Costs – hardwood floors last longer as a rule and can be sanded and refinished. Soiled and worn carpets must be replaced at significant costs.

Timeless Appeal

Hardwood floors are always in – In addition they can be enhanced by adding area rugs and complimenting furniture

Available for all Budgets – Hardwood floors are now massed produced and come pre-finished. They are designed to fit all budgets.

Warmth and Feel – Wood floors are just cozier and feel warmer compared to tile floors

Sell Your Home Quickly – Your home’s value will not only increase, but it will also sell more quickly than a home with carpet.

There are many benefits to hardwood flooring. For many people, it comes down to their budget. Don’t forget to take into account the long term cost benefits of installing a hardwood floor.