Apple Product Replacement Support

Apple Product Replacement SupportI own an Apple iPhone five and it is one of the best devices I’ve ever used. Not only do I use it for a phone I also use it for most of my business. I have a to do list which keeps track of all the things that I need to keep track of. It helps me know when I should get them done. I also use it for my calendar, my banking, and of course updating and writing blogs like this one. I decided to write a blog about this particular subject because my iPhone five needed to be replaced. As a result I was totally impressed with the way that Apple handled my service requirement. Their service was truly amazing.

My iPhone five is only about eight months old and unfortunately it started to have shadows on the screen. I could still use the screen without any problem. But I thought that I should have it checked out by Apple. I called their telephone support line and spoke to one of their support people and described the issue that I was having.

Apple Product Replacement Support – Fantastic

Without hesitation he decided on the fly to provide me with a replacement iPhone. Which he arranged to have shipped by UPS to my home. It would have arrived within two business days except that there was a weekend in between. I was not home on the day that the UPS driver arrived on his first attempt to deliver.

On the third business day I received my iPhone five and proceeded to transfer everything from the old phone onto the new phone. The first step is to make sure that everything from my old phone is backed up to the iCloud. Once this is complete you can then erase everything from the old phone. You also must transfer the Sim card from the old phone for the new card. There are instructions provided to show you how to do that.

Once the new phone was turned on it needed to be upgraded to the latest iOS. After this was complete it was a simple matter to back up the new phone from the iCloud and place everything back onto my new iPhone. This was simple and straightforward and only took a few hours for everything to download.

Areas to Improve

The only wrinkle was that I needed to reenter all of my passwords for the various systems and applications that I use on my iPhone. I personally choose not to store any passwords on my iPhone to provide additional security but that is just something that is peculiar to my own way of doing things.

I was totally happy with the support and service that Apple provided to me. They even provided the box that I was to use to ship my old iPhone back to Apple along with the routing tag and shipping information.

Apple provides an excellent service and I would strongly recommend their company anytime. For more Apple details, click here.


First time using Siri dictation

Text Message SystemThis is the first time I have use the Siri dictation system in iOS seven with Apple iPhone 5.

I really am trying to figure out the best way to write blogs using the dictation system compared to typing all the blogs by itself. this could be a huge time saver for me, even though I am a relatively fast at typing! But there is no comparison to speaking and having a system auto convert to text in terms of speed as long as it is accurate.

My previous experiences been with Dragon naturally speaking and I have found it to be problematic in its accuracy in terms of interpreting my voice and coming up with the right structure and grammar etc.

First time using Siri dictation – Experience

This is the first time I’ve used the Siri system for dictation and in finding it to be almost 100% accurate and I’m sitting in the middle of a mall all kinds of external noise distraction around me, yet it seems to be working really well.

I have not corrected this particular post show you how accurate the Siri system is for dictation. I think there are probably five or six errors that I would’ve corrected had I gone through this post and done so manually. But I am very impressed with the accuracy of the system and I think I will be using it from now on.

I came across or was aware beware of the Siri system for dictation by reading an article from Feedly which is the news processing service that I received. Note that with the update to IOS8.2, the dictation function using Siri is much improved. It is more accurate, gives you real time results instead of having to wait for a response and it seems less impacted by spurious noise that may be in the background. Still, for best results you still need to enunciate clearly, articulate each word clearly and speak at a regular speed to achieve the best results.

Even with this requirement, using Siri for dictation is far superior to typing by hand on your iPhone or iPad.  The writer uses this function a great deal and it saves time as well as improves the amount of material I can post. Accuracy is approximately 98%, so there is a need to go back and proof read.

First time using Siri dictation – Summary

This is definitely an improvement over dictating to Dragon Naturally Speaking and then copying it directly over to WordPress. Now I can dictate directly into WordPress. This will save me some time as I’m writing these blogs. Let’s face it if you have the gift of the gab, speak clearly and articulate clearly, Siri will do a great job for you in terms of saving time.

This is a huge efficiency gain for anyone who writes a lot, whether you are doing blogs like I am, composing emails, sending text messages and generally developing content for your daily work.


iPhone 5

We have been reading about the iPhone 5 and the benefits of this model over the iPhone 4. There are mixed reviews out about the iPhone 5 some by competitors and others by reviewers without any agenda. We have tried to glean out the facts and present them here.

Comparison of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4

As more and more people use the iPhone 5, we are confident that more information will be available. For now here is our summary of the differences and some of the improvements as well for this phone based on a few reports that have come out so far.

  • Much faster processor
  • Weights 3.95 ounces
  • 4.9 inches tall
  • 2.3 inches wide
  • .3 inches deep
  • 18% thinner
  • 20% lighter
  • Back of the iPhone is aluminum instead of glass
  • Screen is 4 inches tall
  • A6 processor with twice the speed of the previous model
  • Apps run twice as fast and load instantaneously
  • 1GB of Ram
  • 1.3 megapixel front facing camera
  • 8 Megapixel shooter with better dim shot capability
  • Panorama mode picture capability
  • No dropped calls
  • Voice calls are sharper
  • Battery life on 3G or 4G is supposed to be 8 hours and 10 hours on WIFI
  • Average user should be able to charge the battery once per day
  • Heavy use may need more charges per day
  • Map app still needs some work with accuracy issues at time of writing
  • New cable required for charging

Much Prefer the iPhone 5 vs the Android Platform

Either way, whether you love the Apple products or not, this iPhone has the competition beat hands down. As an Android user, I can tell you that the operating system of the Android is like using a PC. It is clunky and needs adjustment and it is not intuitive in the way that Apples iPhone is with its IOS operating system. When my contract is up for the Android phone that I have, I will be switching to an Apple iPhone!

Way to go Apple! Can’t wait for the next phone that comes out. What will be the options on the next one. I can just imagine the Apps that will be written for this new phone with the twice the speed processor. More and more functionality will be added with all of the new apps. as of this update Apple has introduced a new set of phones based on the iPhone 5 platform. Not enough for us to consider upgrading at this point, we will wait another year for a more significant change to the platform.

I have used the iPhone 5 now for 5 months and absolutely love it. It is far superior to anything android has in my opinion! I love the larger screen space and the speed of using all my applications. In my case it is virtually my office away from home. I use it for everything.

for more details about the iPhone 5 and other Apple products, click here.


Stolen iPhones and Security

Stolen iPhones and SecurityThis post is about iPhone Security, not the type of security were someone hacks into your iPhone and takes over your phone, although I guess that can happen. Instead this post is about the type of iPhone Security when someone steals your iPhone! Stolen iPhones and Security

A good friend of mine was walking down the street the other day reading her email or sending a text message. She was walking along, not really paying attention to what she was doing and suddenly a guy walked up beside her and grabbed the iPhone out of her hands. Easy to do since she was holding it loosely while pressing the screen as she was preparing to send a message. Lot’s of people do this. You see them every day walking down the sidewalk, through the mall, or even walking into traffic without paying attention to were they are going.

It happened in seconds and the guy started to run off to be joined by a number of friends. Now we discussed ways to limit the amount of financial damage losing your iPhone can do in the previous post, “Smart Phone Security”. Check that post out if you need more information about protecting yourself.

Stolen iPhones and Security – What She Did Next

This was not the smartest thing to do, but she yelled at the guy. She chased him down and demanded her iPhone back. She used a lot of expletives and called him every name in the book. Next thing she knows she is surrounded by his buddies all taunting her as well as him. This situation could have gotten really bad, had she not thought quickly.

She yelled a lot of expletives , saw that was not working. Of course was surrounded by his friends with people walking by on a crowded sidewalk not paying attention.

Then she changed her tack and started yelling at the top of her lungs for help. She yelled that someone had stolen her iPhone and she was being surrounded.  This began to attract the attention of passers by. The gang realized that they were  dealing with a smart chick who was not intimidated by them. Of course anyone who steals like that is a bum and a coward. So as soon as you face them up in this manner they back off.

They handed her iPhone back and took off just as a few men were coming to her rescue. As a result she was very fortunate and lucky. If she had not been on a crowded street she would not have had a chance. It might have turned out much worse if she was surrounded on a quiet residential street!
(continue reading…)

iPhone Safety Issues

iPhone Safety IssuesLike all mobile devices your Apple iPhone 3G is also prone to causing us to go about our daily life in a less than safe manner. Recently someone was shown on the news walking into a fountain while focused on sending a text msg on her smart phone.

We have all seen people texting while driving their cars, and we thought talking on the phone while driving was bad. Unfortunately few of us take this issue seriously until something really bad happens or we have a near miss. One guy was caught driving at 100 miles per hour while watching a movie n his iPad! How dumb is that

Common sense tells us that you are far better off to be sitting somewhere while talking, surfing or sending a text message instead of trying to multi task – whether it is driving , walking or even talking on the phone with someone. Let’s face it our complete attention is not on what we are doing.

iPhone Safety Issues –  Wi-Fi Safety Tips:

While we are focused on the iPhone in this post, these points apply to any smart phone or device that is portable. Here are a few obvious tips for using an iPhone from a safety perspective:

  • Pull over if you need to text, surf or answer the phone while driving
  • Stop somewhere if walking and send your message
  • Avoid running into people, stop and send your text message

Along with safety for iPhones, comes security as well, which many smart phone users take for granted. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and secure.

iPhone Passcode Security Tips:

It makes sense to protect your private info in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost. Set your iPhone Pass code lock from Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Once you set the access Pass code your iPhone will automatically lock after the selected time interval. If you lose your iPhone or iPod, at least having the pass code in place will give you time to reset all of your passwords to your applications.

iPhone Web Security Tips:

Always delete the cookies after every session by tapping the Clear Cookies button in the Safari settings. Users who want to be extremely cautious can completely disable cookies, but note that to access most of the websites you need to accept cookies.

Secure iPhone Emailing Tips:

When using your iPhone for sending or receiving emails remember to do so over a SSL protocol. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts all mail sent and received via your iPhone. Using a non-SSL mail client can seriously compromise your privacy and security.

More Tips for Keeping your Personal Information Safe

  • First and foremost, never, ever leave your iPhone unlocked. Manually lock your phone whenever you set it down. Even better set it to auto lock when it has not been used for 15 seconds or more.
  • Keep up with Apple firmware updates. Apple’s well-publicized flaw that allowed access to the address book via the emergency call mechanism was repaired, but only if you applied the patch. Also keep all of your apps up to date. Routine updates to improve features and most important to improve security are issued by most app developers.
  • Put your iPhone on a leash. Keeping your phone with you provides the only impenetrable shield against theft or tampering.  Keep it in your pocket the same way you would your wallet. Some people like to use the leather holsters that attached to a belt. Personally I lost an iPhone this way, so mine now always goes in my pocket. Treat your iPhone as you do your wallet.
  • Hide sensitive data in plain sight. Since the iPhone has no device-wide data encryption. It does support encrypted databases, but the inconvenience of having to unlock the data every time you want to read it may limit your use of it. As an alternative, hide some of your most sensitive data in plain sight by scattering it across non obvious places, like your iPod library and browser bookmarks.

In Summary

iPhones, iPods or iPads, they are all convenient and easy to use. They are designed this way for the consumer, so that they will be embraced and utilized widely by people from all walks of life, including the tech savvy and the non tech savvy.

If you treat your device as if it is your wallet and protect it in the same manner you will most likely be fine. However by embracing a few of the concepts mentioned above, most users can easily add additional protection that will keep their information and their devices safe and out of harms way.

For more information about Apple iPhones, click here.


iPhone Security

iPhone SecurityWhat do you worry about most about your iPhone, iPod or iPad? Like many mobile devices your Apple iPhone 3G, iPod, or iPad is also prone to being hacked and other safety or security threats. The new iPhone 6 now has much better iPhone Security with the thumbprint feature recently added. However any iPhones that are older still need to be protected in the traditional manner.  But many of us do not give hacking a seconds thought, instead we worry about losing our devices. We do not take iPhone safety threats as seriously as we take threats about losing or breaking one of these devices.

I am paranoid about leaving it somewhere and I actually lost an iPhone from one of those belt clip on things. It just fell off one day and I did not notice it when it fell. Now I only carry it in my pocket or in my brief case and never on my belt. The company I work for wiped it remotely so nothing in terms of importance was lost other than the iPhone and of course my pride. But there is much more to be concerned about.

While the iPhone 3G is a stable and secure device you should nevertheless follow the following iPhone security tips to prevent any hacks or intrusion attempts while you use your iPhone mail client, surf the net or are logged into the local Wi-Fi network. I use an iPod predominantly over WiFi at the local Starbucks and other coffee shops. There is always someone around on their PC’s and who knows what they are doing. Maybe they are trying to hack into my iPod.

Here are a few tips you should consider when using one of these devices at a free WiFi site:

iPhone Security  WiFi Tips:

Most of use our iPhone to access open Wi-Fi networks frequently and fail to “forget” the network from our iPhone Wi-Fi settings. This is an open invitation to any person with mischief on his/her mind who can connect to your iPhone the next time you visit or pass by the Wi-Fi hotspot by simply scanning the network devices. Your iPod/iPhone will auto connect the next time you pass by this WiFi site unless you “forget” the network.  To prevent this set your iPhone “Ask to Join Networks” option on. Also make sure you “forget” the open network after you have exited it.

iPhone Passcode Security Tips:

Okay setting an access Passcode is elementary security tip. However it is  very important,  because we tend to use our smartphones for far more security-sensitive applications like email, website access etc. Protect your private info in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost by barring access to the phone/iPod with a passcode. Set your iPhone Passcode lock from Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Once you set the access Passcode your iphone will automatically lock after the selected time interval.

iPhone Security – Application Passwords

Many people ask the smartphone to remember sign in information. For example signing into your bank with a user ID and password can be remembered by your phone. If someone does find your phone and gets past the passcode we discussed in the previous section, then they have full access to all your banking information and your money! Always force yourself to renter both the user id and the password for all applications to provide an additional level of security.

Using VPN for enhanced iPhone Security:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all data sent to and from between your iPhone and the selected network. This option is especially useful if you are accessing any open Wi-Fi network, to block any peeping tom from scanning and accessing your iPhone. Note that the site you are reaching must support VPN access. Many corporations require this feature if they are providing remote access to mail and company networks. Thankfully, Apple has included a VPN client with the iPhone.

iPhone Web Security Tips:

The iPhone features the  Safari web browser with many customizable options which when selected can prevent malicious malware like trojans, viruses etc from infecting your iPhone. Firstly ensure that pop-ups are blocked as they may contain concealed malware seeking to enter your phone. Just check the Block Pop-ups option in the Safari settings.

Managing cookies applies to all wireless devices including laptops as well as smartphones, iPods, iPhones and iPads. Another iPhone/iPod security tip includes managing the cookies or the files stored on your iPhone by the websites you visit. Remember to always delete the cookies after every session by tapping the Clear Cookies button in the Safari settings. Users who want to be extremely cautious can completely disable cookies, but note that to access most of the websites you need to accept cookies.

Secure iPhone Emailing Tips:

When using your iPhone or iPod  for sending or receiving emails remember to do so over a SSL protocol. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts all mail sent and received via your iPhone. Google and many other email systems are now supporting HTPPS on their systems to add security. Using a non-SSL mail client can seriously compromise your privacy and security. Think an open postcard versus a sealed envelope, it’s that big a difference. If your mail client does not support SSL, then just use one that does.

We appreciate any additional security tips that readers may be aware of. Please add them via comments to this post. Spam comments will be auto deleted. For more Apple details, click here.



Upgrading Your Smart Phone, iPod

Smart Phone SecurityI recently starting considering whether I would upgrade my iPod to the latest version. It got me to wondering what are the issues associated with an upgrade. Also what about upgrading my cell phone to a smart phone at the same time. The costs that are pretty high. But I can also sell my existing iPod to recoup some of the expense of upgrading.

This Is What I Currently Have

First let me tell you what I have at the moment. I have an older Samsung flip phone which works well although the battery only lasts about three days before needing a charge. Other than that it works very well. I also have an iPod touch which is a year old, so it does not have the built in cameras. I purchased it with 32 G’s of memory and even with loads of pictures and music on it I am not even close to using all of the memory.

Now you may wonder why I just don’t upgrade to an iPhone. Well we live in Canada and the rates for cell service plus data service is ridiculous. That’s why with the iPod, I just use WiFi and the data does not cost me anything. Sure I have to find a WiFi site, however I have discovered that there are so many around that I always have access when I need it.

I am currently paying about $85 a month for 500 minutes of local and long distance service shared between two phones to Bell Mobility. I know this is high by USA levels, but that is what we are stuck with in Canada. This includes voice mail and text messaging. It does not include any data at all.

The best part is that I am coming to the end of my contract and I can now negotiate with Bell, my current provider and with Rogers who are the main competitors.

What Smart Phone Should I Upgrade to?

What I would like is a new Smart Phone, an iPhone 4 as an upgrade with data and voice at a much better price that what I am currently paying. I am used to the iPod and really like all of the current apps that I have. I would like the current configuration that I have on my iPod plus voice.

So I have to wait another month for my contract to end and then we will see what kind of deal Bell and Rogers will offer to me. Bell to keep me and Rogers to transfer me and pick me up as a new customer.

If I can get a new iPhone 4, then I will sell my iPod. I have seen them going for roughly $140 to $170 on Ebay and considering I have had it for one year and I paid $300 for it, this is not a bad deal.

Can Anyone Suggest a Better Approach?

If anyone has a better suggestion about how to get a better deal or what I should expect for a proposed offer for service, I would really like to hear your comments now. The end of May is my drop dead date for making a decision on a new phone of some kind. If they will not give me a good deal, then I might just keep what I have?

For more iPod touch information, click here.



Cancel the News Paper, etc – Buy an iPad

Apple iPad 2Actually it is cancel the news paper, cancel subscriptions to magazines and even cancel paper based books. You can use an iPad, the iPhone, the iPod and other smart phones and tablet computers when you cancel the news paper. More and more people are purchasing smart devices which they have with them at all times and they subscribe to RSS feeds to get their news for the day. Some people will even browse web sites from news organizations to keep abreast of what is happening in the world.

Cancel the News Paper – Survey Results

A new survey which focused on the iPad is included in this post that supports this view:

Here’s what a team at the Missouri School of Journalism learned in a survey of 1,609 Apple (AAPL) iPad owners conducted over the past three months:

  • Using the iPad to follow breaking news reports and current events is the most popular use for the device, with 84.4% of respondents saying this is one of their main uses.
  • More than three quarters (78.6%) of the users spent at least 30 minutes during a typical day consuming news on their iPad.
  • Nearly half (48.9%) of the respondents said they spent an hour or more during a typical day consuming news on their iPad.
  • Among the 931 respondents who indicated that they currently subscribe to print newspapers, there is a statistically significant, moderately strong, positive correlation between iPad news consumption and the likelihood of canceling their print subscriptions. (emphasis ours)
  • For example, more than half (58.1%) of the respondents who subscribe to printed newspapers and use their iPad at least an hour a day for news said they are very likely to cancel their print subscriptions within the next six months.
  • More than three out of 10 (30.6%) respondents indicated that they do not subscribe to printed newspapers, with another one out of 10 (10.7%) saying that they had already canceled their subscriptions to printed newspapers and switched to reading digital newspapers on their iPad.

The typical iPad owner who responded to the survey was a 48-year-old man with a B.A. earning more than $100,000 a year who bought his iPad within two months of its release.

Other Smart Phones & Tablet Computers

Although the survey was focused on the iPad and probably funded by Apple (we do not know that), these results can most likely be extrapolated to other smart phone users and smart device users. If this is correct, then more and more people are forsaking the printed word and moving to the electronic word for all of their information needs.

A simple observation of people riding the bus to and from work shows that over half of the people on the bus that I ride are busy using their smart phones, a few are using iPads to keep up with their emails as well as browse various information sources. This is the beginning of a general trend that is catching on in the markets.

Newspapers and magazines need to and many have been re-inventing themselves. They are creating apps for these smart devices that make it easier to get their message out to their readers and most important display advertising as well which earns them funds to support their business.

Lets continue to watch this new emerging segment of the electronic industry as well as the old standard to see were they both end up! Comments on the survey as well as our opinion are welcome.

For more info on the Apple iPad, click here.



Apple iPhone 4

Stolen iPhones and SecurityThis weeks Cell Phone Review is the ” Apple iPhone 4″ offered by AT&T, Bell, Rogers and other wireless carriers throughout the United States and Canada. While this is an older iPhone, they are up to 7 now with 8 on the horizon, many people still use this iPhone.
With the iPhone 4, Apple again shows that it is a powerful player in the smartphone wars. It won’t be for everyone, the call quality and reception vary if you don’t use a case, and AT&T’s network remains a sticking point for US users, but the handset’s striking design, loaded feature set, and generally agreeable performance make it the best iPhone yet and a leader in the smart phone wars.

The issues with call reception and call dropping seem to have gone away. Users now know how to hold the device and they also know that they should invest in a case which not only helps with call reception / dropping, the case also protects the device as well. Overall a good investment. These are sought after devices and in the writer’s opinion is the best smart phone on the market. However that being said, it may not satisfy everyone’s need. If your prefer the tactile feel of regular keyboard, then the Apple iPhone 4 will not meet your needs. Once you get used to the on screen keyboard, I have found that you can actually type as fast if not faster than with other more tactile keyboards.

Apple iPhone 4

Price Range: is listed as $299.99, however if you sign a contract, you can get it for a lower price, so negotiate. If you want to buy it outright, it is probably going to cost you in the neighborhood of $700.00


  • Candy bar design with internal antenna
  • Polyphonic ringer,
  • Voice dialing,
  • Call timer
  • Conference calling
  • Voice recorder
  • Caller ID
  • Speakerphone
  • Video editor, multitasking, integrated digital compass
  • 32 G of memory
  • SMS, Skype, email, POP2 , IMAP4, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
  • Internet browser
  • App store, Itunes, video calling
  • Supports MS Excell, Word and PDF
  • Download iBooks, Audio files, Video files, Games, iTunes music
  • 5 megapixel camera, auto focus, Video recorder and GEO Tagging
  • GPS maps and compass
  • Alarm clock, calendar, reminder, calculator
  • LCD display, 900*640 pixels, scratch resistant glass with retina display
  • Digital player – Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, AIFF , AAC
  • 1 x Headset jack – Mini-phone 3.5 mm, 1 x Dock connector – 30 pin dock connector, USB cable
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Talk time – Up to 840 min (2G), Up to 420 min (3G)

The Good: The iPhone 4 offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display, and an improved design. It also adds a ton of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 4 update.

The Bad: Multitasking entails some trade-offs, and home screen folders are limited to 12 apps. AT&T reception continues to be spotty, and you’ll need a case for the best calling reception. Also, we’d prefer a 64GB model.

From Reviews:

Display: LCD display, 900*640 pixels, scratch resistant glass with retina display

Keyboard: Built in Qwerty keyboard on screen

Audio Playback: Digital player – Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, AIFF , AAC

Video Playback: Digital player – Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, AIFF , AAC

Capacity: 32 G memory

Connectors: 1 x Headset jack – Mini-phone 3.5 mm, 1 x Dock connector – 30 pin dock connector, USB cable

Accessories: 1 x Headset jack – Mini-phone 3.5 mm, 1 x Dock connector – 30 pin dock connector, USB cable and many 3rd party accessories

Sensors: GPS & Maps

Headphones: 1 x Headset jack – Mini-phone 3.5 mm,

Size & Weight: 2.31 inches wide, .37 inches thick and 4.5 inches high weighing in at 4.8 oz’s

Colors: Black

External Buttons & Controls: Most are on screen, however there are volume, power buttons on the sides

Cellular & Wireless: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM in the following bands WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Power & Battery: Lithium Ion battery, Talk time – Up to 840 min (2G), Up to 420 min (3G)

Languages: Multi language support

For more information about Apple iPhones, click here.



Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2The Apple iPad 2 is rumored to be released in the 1st quarter of 2011 and the ideas and feature rumors are rampant. We have searched a number of sites to compile a list of new features that Apple may be adding to the new iPad. Well 2011 has come and gone. It is now 2013 when we are updating this post and the Apple iPhone 4th generation is out, the iPhone 5 is out  and there are rumors about other updates on the way. Apple is continuously updating their devices and it is expensive to keep up with them.

One of the best ways to keep up is to sell your old device before it gets too old, recover some of your investment and grab the latest and greatest model. Of course if you are buying an iPhone, you must buy the phone unlocked so that it is much easier to sell. Prospective buyers can easily insert their own SIM card for their carrier of the choice.

Here is the rumored list:

  • a 7-inch display.
  • a mini or micro USB port.
  • the 9.7-inch model will actually stick around.
  • a new, smaller model would be “in addition” to the larger, original-sized iPad.
  • the device will feature Apple’s Retina Display.
  • include 128GB of memory.
  • will feature a camera.
  • will feature a camera in the front as well as in the back.
  • be lighter to hold in the hand.

Non of these features have been confirmed yet. Apple may even be letting them continue to keep the competition guessing. And it seems to be working. Since all of the competitors are aiming to introduce new tablets by the summer of 2011. Apple would appear to have the advantage since it’s product has been out there for longer. It has had a chance to stabilize.

Even so, the developers for Android are  working hard to catch up and surpass the Apple juggernaut. Android may have the lead by the summer time in terms of other competitors, but it is any ones guess at this time how quickly they will catch up to the new iPad!


However, while everyone can assume that Apple will put a camera on the new iPad, nothing has been confirmed. And if earlier reports are true, and Apple is indeed creating several different physical models of the new iPad, to throw off any “leaks,” then it may be awhile before we start seeing a clear picture as to what Apple has up their sleeve for their new tablet device.

Rest assured, Apple will aim to be head and shoulders above the competition when they introduce there new iPad. In addition their other products will also not be far behind with feature additions as well. This was demonstrated by the releases of the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch in 2010.

More to come as we enter 2011 and Apple gets closer to the eventual release. Comments and rumors welcome! For more details about using iPads, click here.


Why Some People Hate Their iPad

people hate their ipadCan you believe it there are actually people hate their iPad! Perhaps they had unrealistic expectations with all of the hype that there has been out there in the news and the web regarding the new iPad. We will take a look at the pluses and minuses of the iPad and let you decide if it is the right device for you.

People Hate Their iPad

On the plus side it does have the following features which many people love:

  • Shiny, sleek and cool — the latest must-have accessory
  • Thousands of Apps developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch are showing up on the iPad
  • You can also purchase a keypad for the iPad
  • Brand new form factor that can easily be carried anywhere
  • Surfing the web, sending short emails, paying bills
  • the (.com) button is really handy
  • Uses WiFi connections to connect to the net
  • Fantastic device if you are a consumer of information
  • User satisfaction according to Apple is better than 95%
  • Best feature is that it is “always on”

There are some things that the iPad just will not replace:

  • Use an iPad as a replacement for my laptop if you only browse the net
  • Sending long emails is more difficult
  • Easy to make typo’s (that is why many people sign their messages with – Sent from my iPad)
  • Slower typing for people who are fast at typing on regular keyboards
  • Lack of a tactile sense when you touch the keys
  • Some people do not like the finger prints that show up on the screen
  • Some people find it heavy to carry ( much lighter than a laptop)
  • Not the most efficient if you generate information

Learn to Use the iPad

Like many new devices there is an adaptation period that everyone must go through when learning to use the device. The iPad is no different and if you have used a PC all of your career, then the adaptation will be larger and well worth the effort.

Also I have found that the use of the iPad really depends on what I need to do. After a few months, I found that there are some activities I would rather use the iPad for and never touch my PC. At the same time if I am generating content or making modifications to my web sites, it is just easier to use my PC with larger screens, the mouse and the keyboard.

The message I would like to leave for most people who are considering purchasing an iPad is that it really depends on what you plan to use it for. If you just need a device to read email, browse the net, watch movies etc, then you will likely be very satisfied with the iPad. On the other hand if you need to do more with your device, generate content, work on spreadsheets or presentations, you may not want to use the iPad for this type of work.

I really like using my iPad at the coffee shop to read emails or catchup on the news. It is so much easier to carry it with me rather than a bulky lap top.

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iPod Touch Reviews

iPod Touch Reviews I bought my first iPod in March 2010. Ok, I know I am a little late getting on the bandwagon, however I really have been a PC type for all of my computer lifetime.  I bought it for $300 in the spring of 2010, and have really fell for this little piece of technology, and I haven’t bought a CD since as well.

This Generation iPod cost $300 and was the size of a half a deck deck of cards or perhaps even thinner. I purchased the 32 G model and have a huge amount of space for a lot of apps as well as pictures and music. It also apparently has a faster processor than some of the older models.

iPod Touch Reviews

IOS8.01 and iPad

The biggest complaint that many iPod owners have is that they cannot upgrade to IOS 8.1 because they do not have sufficient memory. They have to erase material from their iPad to allow for the upgrade. The other complaint is that older models just cannot handle the new software and are slower as a result. Time to upgrade to a more powerful model.

IOS7.0 and iPod

My version of this device also runs IOS 4.1. It has all of the same features as the iPhone except for the camera and of course the phone.  Apple has sold more than 260 million iPods. Its latest iterations look less like a deck of cards and more like a hand of poker. Since we purchased this iPod, apple is now releasing IOS 7. Although Apple indicates that our iPod will run IOS 7. We are not planning to upgrade it since it is an older slower machine compared to the devices now being sold. It would be just too much headache due to slowness and unsupported apps in our view.

I really like this little machine. I read most of my email at coffee shops that offer free WiFi, read the news, check on the weather, listen to my favorite radio station, check my Facebook status, even keep up on my banking. This is a really great little device and as long as there is WiFi around, I can connect and be live on the internet. I can even make phone calls over Skype! When I call other people on computers including smart phones running Skype it is a free call. No data plan and no minutes! Utterly fantastic.

Now the company’s newest generation of music players is set to be released into the wild, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the new model.

If you own the last version of the iPod touch, the design of the latest version shouldn’t come as a major surprise. Instead of aping the iPhone’s new glass-sandwich looks, the new touch hews close to its roots with a super thin profile made up of one part glass screen and one part all-metal back. The device still bears the smudge inviting chrome rear panel, and continues the trend of shrinking the thickness as far down as possible. We thought the iPhone 4 was crazy thin, but the new touch looks like a toothpick by comparison.

More Recent Ipods

We especially like the latest iPods. Specifically enjoying the front-facing camera of the iPod Touch. But was “less enthusiastic about Ping, Apple’s first attempt at social networking. Because it didn’t do well enough with the socializing aspect. With the camera front and back, we can take pictures, take videos. Also hold video conference calls with our family all from the iPod Touch!

Ping’s other socially awkward characteristics include its inability to notify you when other people comment on or like something you’ve posted or commented on. Apple says these will appear in the Recent Activity page within a week. But not as easy-to-see notifications at the top of the page.

Some changes to the iPod in the past, which is updated each year, have seemed forced. But that this year’s updates are welcome. There are thousands of app’s available that cover just about any situation you can think of. More are being added everyday. The older ones are being updated to utilize 4G speeds. This is truly a great winner for Apple.

iPod Touch Reviews  – Time to Upgrade

There are no design missteps this year, though, at least none as egregious. The 2010 iPod crop takes some design risks and, in some cases, subtracts some longstanding features. But in general, the trade offs are worth it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new iPod model and put it through its paces. Now that IOS 7 is out and we are several versions behind on the iPod I think it is time to upgrade and purchase a new device.

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New Ipod Touch From Apple

Smart Phone SecurityThe latest iPod touch is almost here with the announcement from Apple that they are updating the popular iPod touch. I have been using one for the past 6 months and I must say it is the best investment I have made in terms of tools and gadgets. The 4th generation of the iPod touch promises to be even better!

We will list the features that Apple has added in just a moment, however we want to emphasize something first. For those of you who want everything that the iPhone has to offer the iPod touch may be the answer with out the proverbial contract that is tied to all iPhone systems. As long as you have a WiFi connection you can do pretty much everything the iPhone can do without the data charges on an expensive contract.

Using Skype

Using an application such as Skype, you can make and receive phone calls on your iPod, and there are multiple applications that also allow you to send and receive sms messages as well. The only drawback is that you do need a WiFi connection. In my personal experience, I have found so many places to connect that I would never even consider moving to a data contract of some sort with the major carriers.

Ipod Touch Features

However I am digressing. Here is a summary list of the major feature improvements of the new iPod touch as release from Apple, which is scheduled to ship in Sept 2010.

  • Same stainless steel back, with about 15 % shaved off the thickness of the device
  • Same rounded corners, lighter than the original and certainly from the iPhone
  • Improved screen with more vibrant colors and crystal clear display
  • Addition of two cameras, front and back
  • HD video recording capability
  • Video calling with Apples Face time video calling app
  • No Contract
  • 3.5 inch, 960 by 640 pixel resolution retina display

Now you can take pictures and videos and send them to your contacts via email. Also conduct video chats with family and friends and stay in touch with all of your contacts. As long as you do not need to have emergency phone service you can use your iPod touch for much of your communication with everyone.

It Does not Replace a Cell Phone

Note that we think it does not replace a traditional cell phone, which many of us need to stay in touch, conduct work activities and in general stay in touch with the world by voice. However you can purchase an inexpensive voice plan for your cell phone and use the iPod touch for all of your data needs, surfing, downloading videos and music and much more.

Apple has done it again! This could be another one of those game changers that shakes the industry and continues to put pressure on the telephone and wireless carriers. They still get to carry the traffic, since they feed the WiFi connections, they just do not get to charge the high rates for a data connection. There may be a revenue impact as more and more companies offer data service through Wifi service. Just visit almost any coffee shop and you can get free service!

More details about the iPod Touch from Apple can be found here.



Apple iPhone Review

We will be reviewing a variety of cellular phones on this web site. It starts with the Apple I-Phone, which is the current leader of the pack. We will also cover the i-Pad as well in another post along with many other phones over the coming months.

The Apple iPhone has literally thousands of applications that have been Apple iPhone Reviewdeveloped by Apple as well as 3rd party developers. The Apple iPhone comes with a stunning display and sleek design. When you hold it in your hand it just feels right for the hand. The touch screen display is also dynamic and rotates as you rotate the iPhone from vertical to horizontal. With the safari browser it offers a superb browsing experience. Fast and futuristic, many customers are very happy with this product. The negative side of the iPhone is that it has variable call quality which can be a major issue for many users who depend on their phone to take calls and manage their business or their personal lives. It does not support stereo Bluetooth and the integrated memory is a bit stingy. Consumers must sync with their PC to manage music content.

The Apple iPhone got off to a slow start in some cases with the slow network provided by AT&T, however it is really setting the benchmark for other small intelligent phones . Average user rating on Cnet gives it a 3.5 out of 5 for over 782 reviews at the time of writing. Cnet provides an in depth review of the Apple iPhone. Some of the highlights of the review include:

Apple iPhone Review

  • Trim lines , no antenna,
  • Solid feel , perhaps a little weighty
  • Glass display instead of plastic
  • Brilliant color display, sharp graphics and fluid movements
  • menu is intuitive
  • Superior touch screen more than meets expectations
  • Keyboard for typing emails is only displayed when the iPhone is vertical
  • Zoom in or out by moving two fingers together or away from each other while touching the screen
  • Thousands of applications available for users to utilize
  • Amazing iPod application

This is by no means a complete review, just a few of the Cnet highlights. Readers are encourage to review the specifications below and to add your own comments about likes and dislikes about this latest Apple iPhone.


  • 3 mega pixel camera with auto focus and tap to focus
  • Video recording , VGA up to 30 ps with audio
  • Photos and video geotagging

iPhone and 3rd party application integration


  • 3.5 inch wide screen multi touch display
  • 480 by 320 pixel resolution at 163 ppi
  • Fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating
  • Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

Audio Playback:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Audio formats supported: AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
  • User-configurable maximum volume limit

Video Playback: Video formats supported: H.264 video, up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Low-Complexity version of the H.264 Baseline Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; H.264 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Baseline Profile up to Level 3.0 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats

Capacity: 16GB or 32GB flash drive

Connectors: 30 pin dock connector, built in speaker, microphone, SIM card tray, 3.5 mm stero head phone minijack


  • Apple In-Ear headphones with remote and Mic
  • MobileM Subscription
  • Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic
  • USB power adapter
  • Apple Universal dock
  • Apple Dock connector to SB cable
  • iPhone 3G Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack
  • iPhone TTY Adapter
  • Apple Component AV Cable
  • Apple Composite AV Cable
  • AirPort Extreme Base Station
  • Nike + iPod Sensor
  • World Travel Adapter Kit

More Details

Sensors:Accelerator, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor

Headphones:Apple head phones with remote and Mic, volume control, frequency response :20hz to 20,000 Hz

Size & Weight: 4.5 inches high, 2.4 inches wide, .48 inches deep, 4.8 oz

Colors: Black or White

External Buttons & Controls: Sleep / wake, Volume up/down, ring / silent, Home

Cellular & Wireless: Supports UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 Mhz), GSM /Edge (850,900,1800,1900 Mhz), Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless technology

Location: Assisted GPS with digital compass and Wifi

Power & Battery: Built in re-chargeable lithium ion battery Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter Talk time – up to 12 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi Standby time – 300 hours Internet use – up to 5 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi Video playback: up to 10 hours Audio playback : up to 300 hours

Languages: Multiple languages are supported

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