Apple Product Replacement SupportI own an Apple iPhone five and it is one of the best devices I’ve ever used. Not only do I use it for a phone I also use it for most of my business. I have a to do list which keeps track of all the things that I need to keep track of. It helps me know when I should get them done. I also use it for my calendar, my banking, and of course updating and writing blogs like this one. I decided to write a blog about this particular subject because my iPhone five needed to be replaced. As a result I was totally impressed with the way that Apple handled my service requirement. Their service was truly amazing.

My iPhone five is only about eight months old and unfortunately it started to have shadows on the screen. I could still use the screen without any problem. But I thought that I should have it checked out by Apple. I called their telephone support line and spoke to one of their support people and described the issue that I was having.

Apple Product Replacement Support – Fantastic

Without hesitation he decided on the fly to provide me with a replacement iPhone. Which he arranged to have shipped by UPS to my home. It would have arrived within two business days except that there was a weekend in between. I was not home on the day that the UPS driver arrived on his first attempt to deliver.

On the third business day I received my iPhone five and proceeded to transfer everything from the old phone onto the new phone. The first step is to make sure that everything from my old phone is backed up to the iCloud. Once this is complete you can then erase everything from the old phone. You also must transfer the Sim card from the old phone for the new card. There are instructions provided to show you how to do that.

Once the new phone was turned on it needed to be upgraded to the latest iOS. After this was complete it was a simple matter to back up the new phone from the iCloud and place everything back onto my new iPhone. This was simple and straightforward and only took a few hours for everything to download.

Areas to Improve

The only wrinkle was that I needed to reenter all of my passwords for the various systems and applications that I use on my iPhone. I personally choose not to store any passwords on my iPhone to provide additional security but that is just something that is peculiar to my own way of doing things.

I was totally happy with the support and service that Apple provided to me. They even provided the box that I was to use to ship my old iPhone back to Apple along with the routing tag and shipping information.

Apple provides an excellent service and I would strongly recommend their company anytime. For more Apple details, click here.