Text Message Marketing ResellerIf you are looking for cheap text messages capability, why would you ever use SMS messaging from the telephone company unless you have a fixed cost plan with unlimited incoming and outgoing messaging capability.  Most phone companies offer this kind of service. Customers can pay a fixed rate and are allowed a maximum number of outgoing messages and unlimited incoming messages. Once you exceed this maximum number, each additional text message will be charged. This charge will be added to your overall bill.

Consumers can also use their smart phones to send and receive SMS text messages using free apps. They are available from iTunes as well as from Android stores depending on the type of phone you have. Unfortunately many of these apps require that the people you are sending the message to must have the same app on their phone to be free. Otherwise you will be paying for each SMS message that is sent.

Cheap Text Messages

Cheap text messages are readily available as long as you are careful and manage your communications cost. Even if you are paying for a text message, it is still cheaper than a phone call. Especially if you have to pay for your calling on a per minute basis. Unless you are trying to have a text message conversation involving tens or hundreds of messages.

Before you sign up for a plan with  your mobile carrier, take some time to evaluate just how many text messages you will be sending and receiving. Decide which cheap text message package you should sign up for.

Consumers can also control their costs by using the free applications that are available for most smart phones. They can send free SMS or text messages to their friends and colleagues for free. As long as you are connected to the internet via WiFi you can send these messages at no additional cost to you.

Manage your Data

Be careful about using your data plan to send text messages. Each time you send a message and are connected to your cell phone providers data network you will be using part of your monthly allotment of data. Text messages by themselves are not expensive since they are small and do not take a lot of data.

On the other hand, if you attach pictures to your text messages, this can use up your data quickly. Always connect to a free WiFi site whenever you can to avoid using your data plan. This approach will ensure that you stay within your data plan allotment and not use your text message plan as well.

There is a lot to be aware of when you are using a smart phone and managing your costs. Make sure you understand your plan from the phone company and then configure your smart phone accordingly to take advantage of your plan and the free resources that are available.

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