Stop all Shortcode on iphone 5Short code text message’s are text messages that you may be receiving because you somehow subscribed to a text messaging service. A short code program will send you a message once a day. Or once a week or whenever there is some sort of significant event that is part of the service you subscribed to. They show up on your iPhone 7 or whatever cellular phone you may be using.  It could be football scores, a particular stock you are following or news about the celebrities. The bottom line here is that some of them will charge as much as $2 per text message. This charge will show up on your next phone bill. That is what happened to me and I did not even realize it. You can and should stop all shortcode programs now to save money.

Unknown to me I apparently subscribed to one of these and was receiving one message per day and was being charged $2 for each message. What a surprise when I got my bill and saw that there was a $16 charge for these messages for eight messages that had been sent to me. When I started getting them, I was not sure of what they were or why I was getting them on my iPhone. I called my mobile phone company right away and what a surprise!

How to Stop all Shortcode on iPhone 5

What Should you do if you receive short code text messages? On your iPhone 4 or any other phone?

The first thing is to deal with it right away. Don’t ignore it and hope it will go away or they will just stop coming. If you do delay, it is going to cost you money and potentially lots of money. Take action right away and do one or both, preferably both of the following steps to avoid a costly mobile phone bill.

Send a Stop Message

quickly send a text message in reply to the message you received with the single word “Stop”, in the message. This should stop all short code messages from being sent to you in the future. Unfortunately you still have those messages that you received and unless you call your provider, your bill is gong to include a charge for them the next time it arrives.

Call your provider

Although you sent a stop message to the address of the short text message code, you should still call your provider. There will be messages that you will be billed for. If you really did not ask them to be sent to you, most mobile carriers will reverse the charges for you. Don’t wait until the bill arrives, call immediately

Check your bills

Always check your bill every month. If there is any change from what you expect, check the details to make sure there are no unnecessary charges. And also check to make sure that you were credited with the reverse charges if they apply.  Call your mobile provider if there are any discrepancies. Ask for them to be explained and / or corrected.

If you have had this type of problem occur, please leave a comment. Let our readers know what you did to resolve the issue. What caused the issue and any other information you can share with us.

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