Business Text MessagingWe were wondering how real estate agents would use real estate text message marketing in their business endeavors, so we did a little research and came across one application of this service that is marketed by a company in the business. Most real estate agents will use text messaging with their technical savvy clients. They use it to communicate with them, even negotiate prices for homes. This application brings another marketing tool for the agent and another means of gaining clients.

Basically the way that they have implemented real estate text message marketing is they provide a text ID to the agent. Which he includes on all of his advertising including for sale signs that go on the property. All handouts that might be provided as well to their customers. If potential clients send a text message to this ID they can then be sent information via SMS to their phones. They can also receive web site information about homes they may be interested in on their smart phones. They will receive basic property information that may be of interest to them.

Real estate agents can also set up text message blasts as part of their real estate text message marketing plans. The are advising clients of new listings and of sales that have taken place. It is an easy way to keep all of your clients up to date and help them remember you.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing or Snail Mail

One agent we know sends out a letter every month with a short blurb about what is going on in the market. Which costs her a stamp and letters every time. She could really benefit by sending this same information by emails. Also by SMS using real estate text message marketing techniques. If some clients still want to receive the snail mail approach she can keep those clients satisfied using that medium. But also satisfy her regular clients with smart phones and computers by sending out messages using electronic media.

If you are not catering to customers with mobile phones and increasingly smart phones, then your real estate text message marketing program is missing a great opportunity. Perhaps a lot of business opportunities. We have found that the younger generation are technically savvy with their phones. They prefer the impersonal means of communication since it is much more efficient.

They do not have to have a voice conversation. Which is going to take a minimum of several minutes not including voice mails etc that are left with the client and take up air time. Text messaging has become a far more efficient method of communication with clients.

Real estate agents have even advised clients that their offer has been accepted or that they need to start thinking about countering an offer by text messaging.  We have seen people receive a text message advising them that they just had their home sold by text message. This is by far the best approach. You can always receive the details by email later on and if you must have a conversation, that too can be arranged at a later date or time.

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