Stolen iPhones and SecurityThis post is about iPhone Security, not the type of security were someone hacks into your iPhone and takes over your phone, although I guess that can happen. Instead this post is about the type of iPhone Security when someone steals your iPhone! Stolen iPhones and Security

A good friend of mine was walking down the street the other day reading her email or sending a text message. She was walking along, not really paying attention to what she was doing and suddenly a guy walked up beside her and grabbed the iPhone out of her hands. Easy to do since she was holding it loosely while pressing the screen as she was preparing to send a message. Lot’s of people do this. You see them every day walking down the sidewalk, through the mall, or even walking into traffic without paying attention to were they are going.

It happened in seconds and the guy started to run off to be joined by a number of friends. Now we discussed ways to limit the amount of financial damage losing your iPhone can do in the previous post, “Smart Phone Security”. Check that post out if you need more information about protecting yourself.

Stolen iPhones and Security – What She Did Next

This was not the smartest thing to do, but she yelled at the guy. She chased him down and demanded her iPhone back. She used a lot of expletives and called him every name in the book. Next thing she knows she is surrounded by his buddies all taunting her as well as him. This situation could have gotten really bad, had she not thought quickly.

She yelled a lot of expletives , saw that was not working. Of course was surrounded by his friends with people walking by on a crowded sidewalk not paying attention.

Then she changed her tack and started yelling at the top of her lungs for help. She yelled that someone had stolen her iPhone and she was being surrounded.  This began to attract the attention of passers by. The gang realized that they were  dealing with a smart chick who was not intimidated by them. Of course anyone who steals like that is a bum and a coward. So as soon as you face them up in this manner they back off.

They handed her iPhone back and took off just as a few men were coming to her rescue. As a result she was very fortunate and lucky. If she had not been on a crowded street she would not have had a chance. It might have turned out much worse if she was surrounded on a quiet residential street!

Not a Recommended Approach

The above approach that my friend took is not really recommended. Of course these cowards could have had knives or worse a gun. People have been known to be killed for much less in terms of value.

As we mentioned, what saved her was the crowded street and her quick thinking. In addition let’s face it, a $300 used iPhone is just not worth the risk of being hurt or killed.

Many people would focus more on yelling for help and pointing at the kids that took their phone, and then would arrange to have it wiped and the cell phone service turned off.

Stolen iPhones and Security

In the previous post we talked about Smart Phone Security. We strongly recommend that you read that post to ensure that you limit the damage if your iPhone is stolen.

Many people do not even give it a seconds thought about losing their phones or having them stolen. Of course with so much information on these phones now it is important to keep them close to you. Manage your phones security.

At the very least make sure your iPhone auto locks after 15 or 20 seconds to protect you from any loses.

If you have had similar circumstances happen to you and would like to leave a comment for our readers. Please feel free to do so. Better yet if you have suggestions about improving iPhone security please leave comments on that subject as well.

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