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Text Message System

Text Message SystemA text message system operated by the telco is the most common text message system that most people are familiar with. For a fixed monthly price you can usually find text message system services that are unlimited. In other words you can send as many text messages every month as you want perfect smoke price.

Increasingly there are Online text message systems that are being offered by online Internet companies. These companies include Skype, WhatsApp and iMessage are three examples. Skype and WhatsApp will operate across any platform. Including android and Apple smart phones. For example iMessage will only operate on Apple system and they are free to all Apple smart phone users. Hence the bottom line is that you must have a smart phone to be able to run these particular applications.

Text Message System – Manage from Your Desktop

Some text message systems can be Managed from your desk top. Skype for example can be used on your desktop as well as your smartphone providing significant flexibility and capability.

Set up tracking and reports if you need to keep track of the messages that are sent by text to your customers acquaintances or friends. There are applications available to run text message campaigns for marketing and sales activities. As well as sending alerts to customers. Also to general populations who carry smart phones and phones that are capable of receiving text messages.

Text Message System – Use Your Smart Phone

Another neat feature about using Apple iPhones and iPads when sending text messages is that if you have an iPhone and iPad linked on the same account. Copies of your text messages will be on both devices.

This is particularly useful if you use a combination of an iPhone while on the road and an iPad in the office or in your hotel room at night. Having the flexibility of these text messages on both systems provide you with a great deal more information and control. The convenience alone is worth having both of these devices. At times you may want to use the larger iPad. When you are at a meeting, going for a coffee, etc, you may want to only carry the iPhone. With either device you will always have the confidence of knowing that you are on top of your text messages at all times.

These apps are being upgraded all of the time. Recently, they have enabled voice recordings, pictures and videos to be attached to these message systems. They are no longer just text messages system, they have evolved into something much more powerful.

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Text Messaging Systems

text messaging systemsText messaging systems are provided by the telephone companies, mobile phone companies and of course companies that exist to provide these services over the internet. The traditional text messaging system is provided by mobile carriers. It allows one customer to send a text message to any other device capable of receiving and displaying a text message. Usually a cellular phone or a smart phone that has mobile phone capability.

Text Messaging Systems

SMS Apps on Smart Phones

If you have access to the internet either through your carrier or through WiFi there is another solution. Many smart phones can support apps that will send and receive SMS messages to other people with the same app on their phones. As well as to phones with regular SMS text messaging capability.

There may be a charge for this service when you send a text message to someone outside the system. Many of the apps are free to download. Or if you upgrade to the full featured app, there may be a small charge. Usually the charges for apps for text messaging over the internet are much lower than those of standard text messaging systems offered by the telecom companies.

Skype messaging

For example Skype allows SMS messages to be sent free and as long as you are sending messages to another Skype user, there is no charge. Once you begin sending messages to other phones that are not registered as Skype users, there is a nominal charge for each message. The same applies when you make a phone call to a non Skype user or phone. This is how they make their money when they are offering free services like this.

Text message systems are great for the average consumer who knows a little bit about how to use computers and smart phones. For anyone with no or little knowledge it can be expensive. If you are reading this article and are not aware of these app’s, get someone to show you how they work so that you can start reducing your phone bill like everyone else.

Text messaging for Emergencies

Many organizations have started to use text messaging as a means of mass alerting their employees or students in the case of universities of something that they should be aware of. This is an excellent way to send information to everyone warning them of  an emergency.

In the past a siren would be heard, but all you knew was that there was some kind of emergency, but you had no idea of where the problem was or even what kind of problem. Now you can send the alert and provide some information along with it.

Companies and educational institutions can provide  weather alerts, fire alerts or some other kind of emergency warning and also advise employees and students to remain away from specific areas.

This is an excellent solution to day since almost all if not all students carry cell phones as their primary means of communication these days. Most are carrying some kind of smart phone and even the older style of mobile phones receive text messages very well.

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