Teenagers and Smart PhonesHave you noticed recently that many people of all ages are constantly on their phones, reading email, browsing Facebook or responding to text messages and possibly one of a hundred other things that they are doing on their smart phones! We are so engrossed in what is going on in our phones. People are actually talking less to each other face to face. You may agree or disagree with this fact. Also whether it is a good thing or not the reality for many businesses is that they need to find a way to penetrate a person’s short attention span.

Text Marketing

Text messaging seems to be the one communications medium that is still getting through to people. Phones buzz, ring or vibrate every time a text message arrives. Users cannot help but respond. This is what text marketing has known for a while. Many companies are trying to take advantage  as they try to reach the consumer and gain their attention.

Judicious use of text messages as a text marketing tool can really make a difference. Especially if you are trying to alert customers of sales activity, make them aware that their order has just shipped etc. Sending too many text messages and consumers will just become irritated with them. They will ignore the text message which makes your advertising next to useless. They may may even trigger exactly the wrong response.

Don’t Alienate the Customer

The last thing you want to is make your customer mad at you for sending too many text messages. Text marketing can be used to communicate with many people on a push basis to advertise. Also to communicate sales events. Or to communicate with a select group who have given you their cell phone number because they want to hear from you.

Text marketing is a unique method of communications that still has punch. It is able to get through to customers to grab their attention for several seconds. That is all that is needed to alert a customer to something that may interest them. If they are not interested, you have only taken a second or two of their time. For most people there is no harm done. When there are deals to be had, text marketing is a powerful way to get the message out to your customers.

We also talk about text messaging systems that send out weather alerts as well to consumers living in a specific area. Another use is to send text messages to all of your students on campus or all of your employees in a building for example about a warning, an evacuation drill and other items that you want all of your students and employees to know about. this use of text messaging can be an effective emergency notification system as well as a marketing tool for the university or company.

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