Text Message Marketing ResellerA text message marketing reseller creates an application that packages services such as text messaging with user interface features that make it simple for the customer to create text messaging campaigns and advertising programs for their products and services. In addition to the application they also provide the connectivity to the internet. Also the telecom networks for carriage and distribution of their messages to their customer’s cell phones literally around the world.

A text messaging reseller really makes it easy for the client to focus on their core business. They use the network provided to enhance their business through advertising on the text messaging network. They provide a connection to cell phones, smart phones, email and corporate applications to get your message out to the end customer.

Text Message Marketing Reseller

Clients who are trying to build a subscription based service that delivers alerts of various kinds will use this type of service. Whether it is sports alerts, weather alerts or stock market trades. An application developed and provided by a text message reseller will provide excellent service to most clients that are attempting to use text messaging as a service and revenue generating opportunity.

The opportunities are immense with millions of text messages sent every day.  Whether you use the traditional text message service from the telephone companies . Or use a reseller there are opportunities for clients to make money through this secondary service.

An example of text messaging services may help to illustrate how this marketing service can work for both customers and companies trying to increase sales. One company we know sells sports clothing and has sales on their clothing from time to time. Some are clearance sales.

In the store they advertise that customers who send a text message to a specific number will receive $5.00 off on any purchases they make that day. When the text message is sent, the customer receives an immediate message back giving them the discount. Now that customers number is added to a database and they will receive future text messages alerting them to sales of clothing etc via text message.

Discontinue the Service at Any Time

The customer can discontinue the service any time if they no longer want the service. This is a useful way for both customers as well as companies to make use of text messaging marketing. The reseller can set up this service for the company and even manage it for them if they wish.

All the company needs to do is compose the exact message they wish to send their clients. The message will be sent out to all clients who have signed up for the service. We think that this is an excellent text messaging marketing solution for many companies. Especially those who are trying to retain customer loyalty and also reward their customers with great sales.

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