Text Msg Shortcode ProgramsIf you are finding that your phone bills are larger than you expected check out whether there are text msg shortcode program charges on your phone. If you want the full story on these charges and what text msg shortcode program charges are click on the link above.

I was hit by 8 of these charges and they cost me $2 a pop for $16. They add up fast and I had no idea what they were. Nor did I even recall asking for them. However apparently according to my phone company I did sign up to receive them. Who in their right mind would sign up for a short code program that costs $2 every time you receive one? This is a serious scam from some company. They are trying to make money off of unsuspecting consumers who do not routinely check their monthly phone bills.

Text Msg Shortcode Programs – Legitimate

There are legit txt msg shortcode programs and then there are scams. The phone companies use them to send information messages to their customers at no charge, however many companies use them to send information to their customers and scam there customers. I was receiving information about sports scores which I really do not care about and do not want.

Removing the charges

To make a long story short, after complaining about the charges, the phone company reversed the charges.Also they told me how to stop the charges. If you get these messages and do not want them, just hit reply and type “stop” and then send! The company sending the messages is supposed to take you off the list and not send any more of these kind of messages to you. How many people just pay the bill and never question it. Stopping them was easy and I have not received any since.

Check Your Monthly Bill

A friend of mine would never even notice. He has his mobile phone bill on automatic payment and rarely looks at the details. There are probably all kinds of charges on his bill that he is paying for that he does not even use! He is well off and has a good pension and frankly does not worry about money too much. A perfect customer for this scam program. He could end up spending a hundred dollars a month on these charges and not even be aware of it. That is a lot of money in my books. There is no way that I want to pay these kinds of fees.

There are probably thousands of people or millions of people who fall into the category of never checking their bills and the details. They are the ones that these scammers are trying to rip off. They are really the perfect candidates for this kind of scheme. Even a quick glance at your bill will tell you if there is something unusual going on. Check the total every money. If it varys every month, there may be charges that you are not aware of that you would want to question.

Anyway that’s all I wanted to say about text msg shortcode program charges and how to avoid them. Click on the link above for more detailed information. Comments are welcome.