Txt Message Short Code ProgramsLast year we wrote an article about this subject of short code programs because we had been personally exposed to this particular scam. We wanted to let people know about Txt Message Short Code Programs, what they were all about and why you should always review your phone bills.

Consumers should always review both your regular home phone as well as your mobile phone bill to check for these extra charges on your phone bill. They can be surprisingly large and add up quickly. In our case they were being charged every day and at a rate of $2 per message that we received.

If we had not stopped these text messages, that would have been over $60 added to our monthly bill for something that I did not want and never ordered. This is a scam and you should really pay attention to this issue if it happens to you. Your unlimited text message plan does not cover these charges.

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Why Pay Attention to This Issue

Txt Message Short Code Programs

The reason we got so excited about this issue, is that we were being charged $2 for each text message we received from one company who was using the short code program. There was nothing short about it, only the text number. The cost was high, who wants to pay $2.00 for  a text message you did not ask to receive. In addition, the information provided was for some sort of sports related thing that provided current information, in real time. I never want to pay for this sort of thing , ever! Even if I was interested, it was not worth $2 per message unless perhaps I was into sports betting.

If you are ever hit with billing for Txt Message Short Code Programs, call your provider and complain. If you did not subscribe to the service, then they will usually write off the charges. They will provide you with the method to stop receiving more messages. Usually it is simply sending the word STOP by text message to the number that sent the original message to you. However we recommend that you check with your provider to be totally correct and to have the charges reversed.

When are they Useful

Txt Message Short Code Programs are useful in some situations. Such as your carrier sending free messages to you to provide information about their service. You will not mind these Txt Message Short Code Program messages. Since you do not pay for them and they can be helpful at times. Since they alert you to new features or services. Although it can be an aggravation when you receive these messages, at least you also do not have to pay for each one.

If you have had a problem with Txt Message Short Code Programs, tell us about your experience. Leave a comment. I am sure other readers will be interested. You may even save them a lot of charges on their monthly cell phone bill.