Some of our readers have asked, what is a “text msg short code program”? We have answered this question in a previous post, however wanted to take another shot at addressing the question here in a new post. If you would like to refer to our previous post, just click here, and you will go to the original post. It will open in a new window so you will not lost your spot on our blog.

Personal Experience with Text Msg Short Code Program

We ran into this issue because we were being billed $2 every time we received one of these messages. They needed to be stopped in a hurry. Anyway, the way I understand short code programs is that they are special messages that use a specific code to send text messages to consumers. The advantage of text msg short code programs is that consumers have control to opt into or out of these programs. In other words you can cause them to be sent to you and you can stop them anytime.

I apparently had approved these messages to be sent to me. I did not recall doing this. However the good thing was that all I had to do to stop them was to send a text message to the number sending the text message to me with the message “stop”. It worked and the messages topped coming to me. The other great thing was that my mobile carrier also reversed the charges. Or wrote them off, I am not sure which was done.

Expensive Text messages

Companies use text msg short code programs to sign up subscribers, to send them information that they have subscribed to e.g sports scores and other real time information and charge them for the service. In my case if I had not stopped this service, it would have cost me $2 for every message.  And I was receiving a message at least once per day. This can get expensive, but if you need the information, I guess it is ok.

Anyway, I hope that answers the question, What is a “Text Msg Short Code Program”? If you need more information refer to the original post. It explains how these messages got started and how they are administered. If you are having problems with text msg short code program messages being sent to you, call your carrier. Have the charges reversed and also to confirm how to stop your particular¬† set of messages.

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