people hate their ipadCan you believe it there are actually people hate their iPad! Perhaps they had unrealistic expectations with all of the hype that there has been out there in the news and the web regarding the new iPad. We will take a look at the pluses and minuses of the iPad and let you decide if it is the right device for you.

People Hate Their iPad

On the plus side it does have the following features which many people love:

  • Shiny, sleek and cool — the latest must-have accessory
  • Thousands of Apps developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch are showing up on the iPad
  • You can also purchase a keypad for the iPad
  • Brand new form factor that can easily be carried anywhere
  • Surfing the web, sending short emails, paying bills
  • the (.com) button is really handy
  • Uses WiFi connections to connect to the net
  • Fantastic device if you are a consumer of information
  • User satisfaction according to Apple is better than 95%
  • Best feature is that it is “always on”

There are some things that the iPad just will not replace:

  • Use an iPad as a replacement for my laptop if you only browse the net
  • Sending long emails is more difficult
  • Easy to make typo’s (that is why many people sign their messages with – Sent from my iPad)
  • Slower typing for people who are fast at typing on regular keyboards
  • Lack of a tactile sense when you touch the keys
  • Some people do not like the finger prints that show up on the screen
  • Some people find it heavy to carry ( much lighter than a laptop)
  • Not the most efficient if you generate information

Learn to Use the iPad

Like many new devices there is an adaptation period that everyone must go through when learning to use the device. The iPad is no different and if you have used a PC all of your career, then the adaptation will be larger and well worth the effort.

Also I have found that the use of the iPad really depends on what I need to do. After a few months, I found that there are some activities I would rather use the iPad for and never touch my PC. At the same time if I am generating content or making modifications to my web sites, it is just easier to use my PC with larger screens, the mouse and the keyboard.

The message I would like to leave for most people who are considering purchasing an iPad is that it really depends on what you plan to use it for. If you just need a device to read email, browse the net, watch movies etc, then you will likely be very satisfied with the iPad. On the other hand if you need to do more with your device, generate content, work on spreadsheets or presentations, you may not want to use the iPad for this type of work.

I really like using my iPad at the coffee shop to read emails or catchup on the news. It is so much easier to carry it with me rather than a bulky lap top.

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