Wireless Phone ContractsWireless phone contracts are being used to tie down consumers as more and more people are starting to use wireless phones. Negotiating your Wireless Phone Contract is so important since you can literally save hundreds of dollars if not thousands depending on your usage. They are just plain convenient and consumers love to get their calls instantly, rather than miss a call when they are out. Having just negotiated my own wireless phone contract recently I wanted to pass along some of the factors that I believed helped me get a good deal.

Be Prepared to Negotiate Your Wireless Phone Contracts details

The first rule of negotiating any contract, but even more importantly a wireless phone contract. You have only one chance to get a great deal. Once you agree and sign on the dotted line, your done. There is no adding something that you might have forgotten or would have liked. Be prepared and have all of your needs identified so that you can tick them off as you discuss each item. I will talk a little about how I missed something, although I still feel that I received a great deal.

US Wireless Carriers

For US readers, the concepts still apply, however the prices may seem high to you due to our lack of competition in Canada. However the concepts still apply especially since you have a lot of competition for wireless services in the US. Even so we noticed that Verizon and other carriers are moving from unlimited data to limited data. They want to control the amount of data that is being transmitted on their network.

What services and Features Do you Want or Need

Knowing what you want to have with your contract is the first start. Local minutes, text, long distance, voice mail, call display, data plans, style of phone and how much you want to pay are the basics for your list. A good start is to look at your current contract and either add to your list or take away the features that you want to change.

Review what you are currently paying for the services that you have.

Check with other carriers for the same basket  of services and features. This will give  you a base to work from when you are negotiating with your current carrier.

There is nothing better than to be able to explain that you have an offer for a better deal from another carrier that is “REAL”.

My Wireless Contract

In my particular situation, I was coming off a 3 year contract. Rates as well as features have come down a lot. I was paying $80 for two phones with 500 minutes of local calling and long distance calling. Incoming calls were free and I also had text messaging, voice mail and call display. I did not have a data plan and did not want one.

The new contract based on a threat to move to another carrier was as follows. We received two new phones, 500 minutes of local calling, free calling after 6pm, 250 text messages each. Also 100 long distance minutes for each phone along with voice mail and call display for both phones. The cost went from $80 down to $50 per month for a savings of $30 per month. Great deal and after speaking with colleagues , I have a great deal in their estimation.

I did want to make one minor change after I struck the deal and I was turned down based on the fact that my plan was already very good and they could not add to it.

If you have had a similar experience or have other thoughts on getting a great deal, write us a comment. We will be happy to add it to this post. For more suggestions on Mobile contracts, click here.