upgrade aging air conditionersMost AC salespeople will ask you how many square feet your home is and whether it is two-story or single-story. Magically they will come up with the size of air conditioner that you need for your home. It should be the most efficient and provide adequate cooling at the same time. There is actually a little bit more to the decision that needs to be considered before you decide on the AC unit size for my home. Most people would be surprised to find out that two identical-sized homes could have different-sized AC units. There are a number of reasons for this and we will cover these in the following paragraphs.

AC Unit Size for My Home – Orientation

For example, if your home has windows on two sides of your home, let’s say the front and back. The orientation of your home is really going to matter. A north-south-facing home will need a smaller AC unit than one that faces east-west. That afternoon sun poring heat into your home through the windows will require a great deal more AC capacity. Much more than one that is facing south and does not have the afternoon sun to deal with. The heat impact can be mitigated to some degree by having blinds that cover the windows. They reduce the amount of infrared heating that takes place! Energy-conscious consumers will want to invest in high-quality blinds that help control the heat factor.

Skylights are another major issue regarding how much AC is required. Of course, the direction the skylights face is also important. A southwestern roof with a skylight will allow a great deal more heat in the home and necessitate a larger AC unit. Again appropriate window shades for a skylight can be installed.

If you have a lot of shade trees on your property that provide shade for the home, your AC could be sized a little smaller as long as there is no plan to cut these trees down. Take these factors into account to not only save yourself some money but also to ensure you are comfortable as well during prime air conditioning periods.