The California Water drought has been going on for a few years now as we write this post in the spring of 2014. We have been coming to California for the past 10 years. From everything we read, this is a pretty bad situation with lots of reservoirs empty or heading in that direction. The picture on the left is a good example of what they are dealing with.  This was a relatively small reservoir that is completely empty. No water sports or anything is going on now. It is like this all over the state.

California Water Drought – Are they Doing Enough

We are staying in the Palm Springs area of California. Frankly you would never even know that there was a drought in the state. The golf courses look great, the lawns are well watered. The plants and flowers are as beautiful as ever.  We know that the golf courses are converting to non potable water which means it is recycled which is a good thing. However most if not all of the watering that goes on at homes is from the main system. This water is not being limited in any way. You will see water running down the street at times when a sprinkler is not working properly.  The place we stay at waters the lawns at least four times a day if not more. Consequently they are not conserving water.

California Water Drought – What Can They do

They could start by converting all of the old toilets in our complex to high efficient models. These models use one-third of the water. They could convert the lawns to more of a desert landscape. Also increase the water bills to promote less water usage . They could make programs available to decrease the water usage for things like showers and toilets. The amount of water used could be decrease dramatically.

We just don’t think they are doing enough. What do you think about water conservation and the California Water Drought?