The new Chevy Volt for 2016 will allow consumers to drive 53 miles on electric power before the engine kicks in and begins generating electricity to drive the power train. This is a 40% improvement over older models. This upgrade provides consumers with the ability to do most of their daily driving on electric power. The batteries can be recharged at home. Or they can be recharged by the engine. Either way the consumer is saving money and will  not need to fill their gas tanks as often. In fact some consumers report with the existing Chevy Volt that they go for months without needing to refill the gas tank. Over the next few years there will be more improvements in efficiency as well as battery technology.

Chevy Volt Updates

This improvement means that consumers can expect an average of 42 miles per gallon when powered by the engine compared to 38 for the current model. In addition there is no cost other than the cost of electricity.

The Chevy Bolt will also be upgraded. It will be available with electric power only in 2017. It will run approximately 200 miles before needing to be recharged. The volt has won awards and the new models are expected to continue this tradition. With lighter materials and better drive systems, consumers who commute to work short distances may seldom need to refill their gas tanks with gasoline.

We happen to think that the next five years more and more improvements will be introduced. They will make it so tempting to purchase an electric car. In fact the writer feels that their next car will be a volt model. Our current vehicle gets good mileage and has a few more years to run before it should be exchanged for another vehicle.