In our last post we wrote about the drought in California. We were wondering if they were doing enough to Decrease Your Water Usage in the state. We thought we would write a follow-up post. This is about how to Decrease Your Water Usage and save money at the same time. If you use less water, you are helping the water situation. You are also contributing to smaller water bills which saves every consumer money in the long run. This web site is about saving money. Decreasing your water usage is another excellent way to decrease your overall costs for utilities.

Decrease Your Water Usage – Replace Toilets and Faucets

Anyone with an old toilet and an old shower head as well as kitchen faucets can probably save themselves a bundle of money. Decrease Your Water Usage quickly by upgrading to modern units. There may be incentives in your jurisdiction to help pay for the upgrades which will decrease the overall cost of the conversion.

Not only will you Decrease Your Water Usage, decrease your water bill, but you will also be contributing to decreasing the overall impact of the drought. If the farmers cannot produce enough vegetables, the cost also are going to go up for these food items as well

Capture Rain Water

If you live in an area where it rains once and awhile, capturing rain water to be reused can save you money. It can be stored in a cistern to be reused or in a rain barrel to be reused. It will also decrease the water you use and lower your water bill as well.

Keep Your Grass Longer

We all like to have a nice looking lawn that is cut to golf course specifications. But did you know that if the lawn is allowed to grow longer it protects the ground underneath. Also less water evaporates from the soil making the roots of your lawn stronger. Allowing your lawn to grow one inch longer can make a huge difference in the overall health of your lawn. This also means less water usage.