Easy Home Repair JobsSome of the easiest upkeep projects require less time than it takes to grill a steak. Most people don’t think to do these things. Yet anyone can knock them out in minutes for virtually no cost. Even if you don’t have a basement workshop. Compare to hiring a handyman at $20 or more an hour and $50 just to show up. These jobs can be completed by most consumers with a little thought and a few tools.  The way the writer looks at this is that the money I save by doing some of these jobs myself can easily pay for any tools I might need. These tools can be used over and over.

Easy Home Repair Jobs

Clean your air conditioner’s condenser. That move alone could knock 10% to 15% off your cooling costs.

Slide your clothes dryer forward, pull off the vent hose. Vacuum out the built-up lint and around the base of the dryer. That can cut the laundry-related portion of your electric or gas bill by as much as 25% to 30%.

Windowsills are extremely prone to rot. For instance, check each window for any cracks in the sill paint. Use a few dollar’s worth of exterior caulk to seal any fissures that you find to keep rain and moisture out. If the paint damage is extensive, the problem has unfortunately moved beyond a quick fix. Hire a pro to scrape and repaint them or do the job yourself.

Similarly, pruning back shrubs to leave a foot of air space around your building.

Checking your lawn irrigation system to ensure that the spray isn’t hitting the house or garage. This will help delay your next $6,000 to $10,000 paint job.

Keep your garage door tracks, casement window gearboxes, and balky doorknobs working smoothly, without annoying creaks and groans. Spray them with WD-40.

Use it or lose it.

Like muscles and gray matter, your home’s mechanical equipment will age a lot more gracefully if you put it through its paces now and then.
Your garbage disposal will benefit from running it occasionally. It will help prevent it from freezing up when a guest or caterer, or home buyer tries to turn it on someday

Do the same with forgotten Jacuzzi pumps. Exercise the plumbing fixtures in a rarely used attic bathroom. Also the emergency shutoffs for your water and electrical supply lines. Find the valves under your sinks, behind your showers, and on the mains in your basement. Gently turn them closed and then open them again. This helps ensure they will work when you really need them someday.

One caveat. If your plumbing is more than 50 years old, don’t touch the valves. Hire a plumber to check and replace them if needed. the likely cost is about $100 to $200 apiece.