Floor Stain for Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors look their best with the right floor stain for hardwood floors applied in your home that matches your overall decor and design for your home. Whether you are buying new or restaining a floor, the biggest decision is the color of stain you chose. Most hardwood floors come pre-stained and pre-finished, so there is no work to do other than installing the floor.  After years of use, you may need to strip the floor and sand it to remove scuff marks and remove the old finish. Once it is properly sanded you can then apply the hardwood floor stain properly to bring out the beauty in the wood. At this time also you can choose to change the original color of the stain or keep it the same, the choice is yours.

Floor Stain for Hardwood Floors

Pre-finished hardwood floors come in all sizes and colors and it can sometimes be difficult to decide what color of stain to choose. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a stain to match with your wood furnishings or one that suits your overall decorating style. Also, the variety of stains available can come in handy when it comes to repairing scratches or water spots on your floors. You can find a hardwood floor stain chart from any hardware store and match this against your floors at home. Of course you can also cover these marks with an area rug or some piece of furniture that will hide the marks. Of course if the marks are in the middle of a traffic area, your only choice is a rug or carpet that can cover the area and enhance your overall rooms decor.

If you are someone who likes a light airy feel to your home you will likely go with a blond or light colored stain, while people who have darker requirements and furniture tastes will go for something that has a darker mahogany type of stain. Spend some time with the floor salesman, ask many questions and look at pictures in magazines to asses which style of wood and color of stain you would prefer.

Staining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will need to be stripped and re-sanded after heavy use or many years of service. Choosing a the right floor stain for hardwood floors can be easy – just use the same as before, or more challenging if you plan to change the overall look of your home. When you have your stain chosen it is important that you know how to apply it properly to avoid blotches. Most people choose oil based stains because they are easy to handle and apply. When you apply the stain make sure to work in a well ventilated area and keep all ignition sources away from your work area. Apply the stain with in the direction of the wood grain with a rag making sure to apply an even coating. It is often helpful to have someone work with you to wipe away excess stain often. Also you should change rags regularly.

With the right selection of hardwood floor stain and care in application, you will have your hardwood floors looking their best. Whether you are purchasing a pre-finished hardwood floor or refinishing an older floor,  the benefits of a hardwood floor will last many years! Many people will also place area rugs to add texture and a warmer feel to the room. These rugs also protect the floors as well from higher traffic and scuffing.