Good Deal On A New Hardwood FloorMost people would like to get the best deal they can on anything they purchase. That includes hardwood floors.  When we wanted to put a new hardwood floor in our house , we did not take the first offer that came along. We wanted to get a good deal on a new hardwood floor. We spent a lot of time getting to know the various kinds of wood. Also what we wanted to install in our home. We also discuss warranties and installers.

How many installations they had completed, when would the start and when would they finish. We wanted to make sure that once they started the job, they stayed until the hardwood flooring job was completed.

Once we knew exactly what we wanted, the next step was to find the deals that were available for both the hardwood as well as the installation. While it takes more time, look at it this way. The money you save is after tax dollars that you are paying yourself. The money you save can be used for something else that you really want to get as well. In addition and even more important, making sure that you hire a great hardwood floor installer is vitally important. A good deal is not a good deal when the floor is not installed properly. Some consumers will try to do their own installation work. For information on general do it yourself issues, consider reading more about, Do It Yourself Projects.

Good Deal On A New Hardwood Floor – Contractor Sales

We started looking  for ‘contractor sales’ at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s. This is a great little tip that we’re able to come up with through a little research. The real question is whether these are really ‘contractor’ sales. Or whether they are closer to ‘extra inventory’ sales events which are used to get people into the stores to buy other products.

Guess what? Who cares? Discount sales are your friends no matter how they are labeled. The larger the discount you can get on your new hardwood floors, the better. Use these sales to your advantage and call the stores directly to find out when they are being held. Or just check often with one of the guys working the floor.

If you do take advantage of one of these sales and it is the end of the inventory, make sure you buy enough to do your complete floor to avoid not being able to buy that last piece to finish the floor or to buy flooring with a slightly different stain. Ask for quotes that are written down and if another store has the same flooring you are looking at let them know you have a quote and even show them your quote. They know at that point if they want to obtain your business, they have to give you a better price or lose the deal.

Look for Online discounts

Read up on “discount hardwood floors” on the web.  There are literally a ton of different data options available for people who are looking for discount hardwood floors. Personally I like to talk to a real person when I am making these kinds of decisions, however the web can really help to educate you so that you know all of the right questions to ask.

One thing to remember when you are negotiating a combined price for the floor and installation, is to go with a fixed price so that there are no surprises once the work is completed.

In fact, just because something is discount doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of substandard quality. It just means that you are getting a better deal due to extra inventory, the store trying to drive sales or discounts the store received from the supplier who is trying to drive sales up. Discount is your friend when shopping for anything including different parts of your house.