Guide to Smarter Cooling of Your HomeA smart thermostat like the one here can give you peace of mind and might even save you some money. Note we are not promoting this particular thermostat in our guide to smarter cooling of your home. We just used the picture to indicate that these types are available. A smart thermostat should allow you to program various temperatures throughout the day, it should have WiFi allowing remote connections to read and make adjustments and it should also learn your habits so that it will automatically adjust the temperature of your home during the day. The really smart ones will even shut off your heating or cooling system if they detect that a window has been left open.

Guide to Smarter Cooling of Your Home

The question is, “do you need all of these features, and will you use them”? We think that once the novelty has worn off, most consumers will ignore their thermostat. They will program it the way they would like the temperature in the house to be and then forget it. They might check once in a while online over the internet using their smartphones. Unless they are away for an extended period of time, they will likely never access their smart thermostat again.

If you are paying a premium for the thermostat, you are wasting your money in terms of using all of its functions. make sure that you can set different temperatures during the day and that is generally all you will need. Unless you are going to access the thermostat over the internet, it is just not worth spending the extra money.