We have all of the buzzwords for this topic, “home convenience smart home DIY automated systems for consumers”. But the real question is, are consumers ready to pay for home automation that is really just in its infancy? Prices are high and functionality is just beginning to mature. Do you wait until prices come down a bit and the systems get smarter and easier to install? Thousands of dollars can be spent on remote-controlled door locks, camera systems, and more. Should the consumer invest now or wait?

Home Convenience Smart Home DIY Automated Systems for Consumers

Take camera security systems for example. For approximately $500, you can purchase a system that records motion-sensitive triggered activity on a hard drive which can be played back for later review. It only records when there is some kind of motion, an intruder or a squirrel. This system records day and night. It can send emails to alert you or the central monitoring station that you have a contract. Do you want somebody on the other end monitoring you in your home or only when it is triggered? What are the privacy issues here?

Then you have to install it. For those that are into DIY, physically the cameras are easy to install as long is there is an electrical plug nearby and you have WiFi installed in your home. Otherwise, you will need to run cables all over the place which makes an unpleasant mess.

Automated door locks are a favorite application shown in the commercials. Power installed to the door so that the solenoid installed in the door will operate when it receives a signal over the WiFi connection is a must. Unless you plan a total rewiring of your home or install the wiring in a new home as it is being built, home automation for the average consumer is a ways off just yet.

We will be writing more about this subject in the coming months.