Lower your Phone Bills Use VonageThe cost of the traditional land line or home phone as it has come to be known is increasing. There are simply better alternatives out there with more features at lower prices. Lower your phone bills use Vonage to save money. The writer spoke to their local phone company who we had been with for over 30 years. We wanted to see what kind of deal they could provide that would be competitive with Vonage. Their answer was that they really could not do anything for us.

Other than giving us a $5 a month bonus if we took an additional service from them. We already have internet from a competitor. This was not sufficient to entice us to move our high-speed service over. They simply were not competitive in price or in features. Which although we like to be loyal customers, we had no option but to move to another carrier.

Lower your Phone Bills Use Vonage

We opted to move over to Vonage with their IP telephone service. The transfer was easy and straight forward. In fact, we did not have to do anything other than giving them the approval to go ahead. This is a VoIP service that runs over our high-speed internet service. The quality etc is fine and we are very happy with the phone service. They sent us a small module that we plugged into our high-speed modem and activated it. We then inserted the chord from our phone into this module on the day that the service was being transferred. Presto, it worked and we have been very happy with the service over the past year, both with the features as well as the price we are paying.

In addition with services such as voice mails that are sent to us as an email with a wave file attachment, simul ring on phones we designate such as our cell phones plus all of the standard services such as caller ID at less than half the price, we are very happy with the service! With the email of the voice mail that has been left, we do not need to call in to listen to our voice mails. It is easy as using a smartphone to listen to the wave file and then decide if we want to return the call or just delete it. This is especially helpful in long-distance situations out of the country. There is no long-distance call needed.

Second Guessing Decisions

We really did not want to leave our original service provider, the traditional telephone company. However, now that we have, we would not go back because the price is right and we like the features that Vonage offers much better. The telephone company needs to really step up their game and offer services that are competitive from a price/feature combination to retain their business. Vonage is also adding more features from time to time so we are looking forward to seeing what they have to offer! Lower your Phone Bills Use Vonage.

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