adjusting your thermostat while on vacationConsumers are asking the question, “How much do intelligent home electronics really save you?”. With all of the expenses today associated with running a home, any time someone suggests that they can save you money most consumers listen. However, they quickly become disenchanted. Especially when they find out that the technology costs hundreds of dollars to implement with only minimal savings. In addition many are finding that just like computers, the life span is short. Because something new and better often comes along.

How much do intelligent home electronics really save you?

Intelligent home electronics fall into various categories with various combinations of energy reduction capabilities, convenience, and security. Utility companies want to install intelligent meters to reduce the number of people who must read meters every month. They can also provide more information in real-time to the customer. While it is a difficult sale for many, there are real savings for the utility. However, it is unclear if these savings will be passed along to the customer.

Other technologies that turn lights on and off. They also anticipate when you arrive home and allow remote control over things like door locks, heating systems, and lights. There is a combination of convenience, energy savings, and security advantages. While you most like will not achieve sufficient savings to cover the cost of the technology, the increased level of convenience and security may be worth much more to the individual.

We suggest that every consumer evaluate the overall costs, the savings capability, the convenience provided, and the increased security that may come along with some of the electronic implementations.