New Years ResolutionMany people around the world make New Year’s resolutions about money, jobs, life style and health. It is a great thing to do, but not if only to see these  promises easily broken or even forgotten before the year is a month old. We thought we would write this post 3 weeks into the new year to remind everyone that it is never too late to pick up those resolutions and make an attempt to start again. By the way most New Years resolutions if kept will also help you to save money as well in the long run, for example, reduced or stopping smoking, drinking by adding years to your life and save you money at the same time. These are resolutions with side benefits.

New Years Resolution Surveys

According to a Sun Life Financial survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, with the new year quickly approaching, three-quarters of Canadians are resolving to improve something about themselves. We are convinced that this is typical of many people around the world.  Health-based resolutions are by far the most popular with over two-thirds of those making resolutions (74 per cent) stating they resolve to either increase exercise or lose weight in 2011. Eating healthier (31 per cent) rounded out the top three choices.

However, when it comes to making permanent changes, eight out of ten respondents admit they’ve failed to keep past resolutions with a lack of motivation and willpower (76 per cent) identified as the main barrier to maintaining new year lifestyle changes. Thirty-eight per cent also cited a lack of money followed by lack of time (35 per cent).

How to Keep those New Years Resolutions?

Any resolution to improve your health is a step in the right direction and working together with a friend, loved one or professional to put together a plan which incorporates your changes makes them easier to stick to. It is much easier if you have a partner to help you stay motivated. Even a simple statement, ” Are we going to the gym tomorrow?”, is sometimes enough to motivate us to get out and visit the gym, go for a walk or do something that involves exercise.  Look into wellness offerings that may be available at work that can keep you motivated and provide support, which we know is key to any successful change.

More than half of Canadians (58 per cent) say resolution success or failure depends on what the resolution is and the study found that some are easier to keep than others. According to the poll, those who have resolved to travel someplace special, save money and spend more time with loved ones in 2011 have had the most success keeping past resolutions. If you like what you are doing or have fun at it, chances are that you will keep your resolution.

If your new years resolution involves something that is not pleasant, you do not enjoy or don’t like you are going to have a far harder time keeping your resolutions unless you put a plan in place. People who’ve resolved to drink less and quit smoking reported the least success in the past.

Set Objectives that are Achievable

For those of you that have difficult or unpleasant resolutions, you need to set an objective. Then set a series of stages or milestones that lead to the final goal. We all need positive feedback. There is nothing better than achieving a milestone that gets us a bit closer to our goal. For example if our goal is to lose 20 pounds. We do not set goals and interim objectives then there is a low probability of meeting this resolution. Divide the 20 pounds into quarters so that you must lose 5 pounds every 3 months. Decide that you will go for a walk 3 times a week. Decide that you will eliminate a food type that adds a lot of calories or whatever you feel will work for you that helps you get to were you want to be.

Evaluate your progress on a regular basis and if necessary reset your objectives so that you are still on target, but are setting realistic goals to achieve. Celebrate success when you reach a milestone with friends, family and loved ones.

Let us know how your new years resolutions are coming along. Leave a comment about what you are trying to achieve, writing them down is a step in the right direction!