Online TiresHave you ever checked out some of these online tire web sites that cater to all kinds of cars and customers? Almost all of the major tire companies have online tire sales available. Customers can order their tires online and have them shipped almost wherever you would like. In fact you can order them to be shipped to the nearest dealer closest to you. Or you can even have them shipped to your home. You will have to pay shipping and tax of course. If you are crossing borders, you may have to pay brokers fees and import duties.

Before you decide to make your purchase find out what costs you will have to pay. Compare to the cost of buying locally at your closest tire dealer. These additional fees can add up in a hurry. It is always a good idea to take into account the total cost of your purchase. Also tire dealers will often have sales on as well which may in the end be the best buy!

Online Tires – Deals

Consumers can usually find pretty good deals for these online tire sales web sites. It is an easy way to shop for tires online and customers can easily compare prices. What consumers need to remember is that there is still the cost of installation to be added along with the cost to balance the tires.  This cost can add another $20 or $30 dollars to each tire. This is really the cost that you need to compare to and not just the cost of the tire, unless you have your own wheel balancing and installation equipment, which most people do not have.

Some of the larger chains will arrange for the tires to be shipped to the dealer located closest to your location where you can have them installed for an additional fee. Again include this fee for installation when you are comparing tires that your purchase online. When you ship to their store they will sometimes waive shipping costs.

Compare all Services and Features

Finally compare the services and features that you will receive when you purchase tires online. These may include free wheel balancing, free tire rotation and free top up with nitrogen for as long as you own the car. These services can be quite valuable and make the difference between purchasing a set of tires from one online tire company vs. another company. Almost all of the major tire stores such as Costco, Americas Tire and Canadian Tire support these types of services. They charge in different ways so consumers need to compare the total costs of purchasing and maintaining tires.

Free tire rotation can be worth as much as $60 when you consider that a lot of places will charge $15 per tire or even more to remove the tire, balance the tire and then reinstall the tires according to the rotation that is required by the manufacturer.  this is just one example of factoring costs into the price that you pay for tires.

We travel a great deal by car, so buying from a national chain is also important since it means I can take my car into one of their shops in any city and have the tires rotated for free.

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