Mobile Phone CostsThis was a big cost reduction that we just came across and it personally saved us $20 a month on our mobile cell phone costs. That is $240 a year that we saved just by making a call to our service provider!  This site is about saving the average consumer money and this is an easy one to follow up on.

Here is how we reduced our cell phone charges.

My cell phone was pretty old and about to die due to a failing battery. It was time to renew my old cell phone and as always for me at least this is a complicated task. What phone do I get, how much will I pay, how much talk time is there, how much standby time and what features should I get. Do I want a smart phone or just a regular phone? You can see were this is going, I try to avoid making this decision.

New Cell Phone Plans, New Smart Phone Features

Also when you do call  the mobile company , they always want to review your plan to see if they can sell you more features or a more expensive phone.  I dread this because really what I want to do is to decrease my costs nor increase them.

This time was different. I started by telling them that I was thinking of moving to another carrier which immediately got their attention. They send you to the RETENTION desk at this point and this is really who you want to talk to. They can make decisions and offer discounts to help you make a decision to renew your service contract with them.

Mobile Phone Costs – Make Your Sales Pitch

Lay it on thick when you talk to the call center. Tell them how much you like the service, but someone has a better service, at a cheaper cost. Do some research so you can quote numbers. This works like a charm. Immediately I was presented with a number of discounts that ended up saving me at least $20 per month. There was also a number of service improvements e.g. more Long Distance, more text messages etc.

Mobile Phone CostsI was also provided with a new phone up to a specific value. The phone I chose was $30 higher than what they were offering. So I ended up negotiating a higher level of Long Distance calls/ month which compensates for the phone cost.

In addition the phone I picked up was an HTC Wildfire. Which is considered a smart phone lite, providing many of the features that a smart phone provides. One feature I really like is the ability to use WiFi for data communication and also allows you to shut off your data communication from the mobile network saving you a great deal in not having to pay for data charges. This is an another large area of savings for those of you who do not want to pay for a data plan from your mobile provider!

This web site is all about saving money and this is one area that we strongly suggest you review and discuss with your provider. The worst that will happen is that they say no and do not offer you anything, the best that happens is that they offer you a variety of discounts that will save you money month after month!

Go on , give them a call now to save on your mobility costs. For more cost savings ideas, click here.