Remodel your home for the sandwich generationThe number of people living in multi-generation homes is increasing every year. The rate is 4.3% of families live with multiple generations in their home. As a result, these families enjoy many benefits of having multi-generations live under the same roof. At the same time, there are also hardships that impact the family, the quality of life, and the financial well-being of all parties. Many people will remodel your home for the sandwich generation needs, which can cost thousands of dollars in addition to many medical expenses.

Remodel your home for the sandwich generation

We will cover some of the following issues that many people find when they remodel these homes.

Family values – for many people this is just the natural thing to do. Their parents provided support and the kids would not have it any other way.

Support older generations – older generations need support financially, emotionally, and often physically as they age. Would you rather have strangers look after you or live with the family?

Save money – both parties can save money. Obvious living costs are lower for everyone when the costs are shared. In addition, built-in baby sitters, home sitting, and even some of the physical maintenance might be considered.

Avoiding poverty situations – many seniors just do not have enough funds to live comfortably. Living with the family reduces the overhead costs and allows them to continue providing valuable support to the family.

Built-in babysitting – is a huge benefit. The parents can get out once in and a while without paying for a babysitter.

Adjusting to habits – everyone’s habits are different. Sometimes there is an adjustment period. This includes compromise and flexibility. Keep an open mind.

Trend increasing – as the graph above indicates there is a general increase in multi-generational homes. We happen to think this is a good thing that provides many benefits to many people.

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