Seniors as a group, myself included are approaching the time when driving might no longer be an option. Slowing responses, nervousness and caution can sometimes lead to accidents with more aggressive drivers. Short city trips would be much less stressful if a car could drive itself to your destination. My wife would love this concept. Loss of independence is a big issue for many seniors. Self driving cars could address this issue. At age 70 the accident rate begins to increase. At age 80, the accident rate is similar to rookie teenagers who do not have the experience. For seniors it is response time, peripheral vision and even driving too slowly. This is according to major insurance companies who publish results of claims and accidents.

Self Driving Cars for Seniors

Although for some people who are control type individuals who might not like self driving cars, many seniors and other nervous drivers will appreciate the flexibility of getting into a car and telling it where to go. Programming a self driven car regarding the address to go to might be a problem that designers have not dealt with yet. For many people setting up their GPS is still a problem. Once set or a destination saved, it should not be a major problem for most drivers.

With accident rates declining for self driven cars, insurance rates should also decline. As the percentage overall increases for self driven cars and accident rates decline, insurance premiums should also decline. We are looking forward to the day when self driven cars are combined with all-electric cars to provide the ultimate transportation vehicle.

There will always be a small group of people who will resist purchasing self driven cars or will turn the option off. These will be consumers who like the thrill of driving and also like the control factor. The main issue as we see it is remaining alert ready to take over should some kind of emergency require it. I can see all occupants of a self driven car falling asleep while the car continues merrily along to the programmed destination. Imagine !!!!