Self driving driverless cars for disabled consumers could bring a new level of independence! Imagine, your disability has prevented you from ever driving a car. With the introduction of this new technology, suddenly you can purchase a car that will drive you from point A to B and you do not need help from anyone, depend on a taxi or take a bus. This technology really has the potential to revolutionize car driving for disabled people, seniors who are uncomfortable driving and anyone who just wants to relax while traveling. But there are lot’s of hurdles to overcome and it may be a few years yet before this is a real possibility.

Self Driving Driverless Cars for Disabled – Issues

The technology still has a little ways to go. Google’s self driving car has over a million miles on it and most if not all car manufacturers have research and development projects to perfect this concept. It may be another 4 or 5 years before we see driverless cars on the roads, but they will be soon.

It is far more problematic to deal with the insurance and liability issues. Every city and government is struggling with how to handle the issues of a driverless car. Can anyone purchase and operate a driverless car? Do you need to have a driver’s license? Who is liable in accident? The owner, the car manufacturer, or the software supplier that is controlling the car?

What about hacking the car? There have been reports of so-called smart cars being hacked already. The hacker has taken over the car, the brakes etc and even stopped the car on the side of the road. This is another major area for manufacturers to think about and deal with.

Self driving driverless cars for disabled consumers would have a huge benefit for this segment of our population. Will they need to have a special drivers license? Will they be able to obtain insurance? There are lots of bureaucratic issues to be resolved before this happens. Rest assured that driverless cars are coming and these issues will get solved over time.