Self Driving Driverless Cars for Senior DriversA friend of mine just told me that he had to take his dad’s car because he could no longer drive and he had lost his license. It was actually a sad day for both of them. Recognizing that his father had lost his independence and needed more help was tough. It was even tougher for his father who now must rely on others to get around or take a taxi from time to time. This is where we think that self driving cars for senior drivers could be a solution to the aging problem for seniors and baby boomers in general.

Self Driving Driverless Cars for Senior Drivers – License

My friend’s father has already lost his license! Does this mean that if he owned a self driving car, that he could not operate it even though he was technically not driving? At the present time as we understand it, you must be able to take over the car and drive it in emergency situations. If you do not have a license, would this mean that he could not own a car or operate a self driving car?

A self driving car would certainly provide him with a degree of independence that he would not have. Many seniors facing this reality are very concerned about being able to drive, to get out, to buy groceries and to enjoy some entertainment. They do not want to be stuck in their homes.

It will be a few years yet before self driving cars are on the road in any large numbers, but this writer intends to have one sometime in the next 4 or 5 years! I love new technology and as a baby boomer, this car will likely drive better than I could in later years. So why not be safe and drive a driverless car. Or should we say operate a driverless car?