sell recycled materials from renovationsMost consumers throw out all of the materials that they remove from their homes during renovations. Any leftover new materials go the same route. In fact, all of the renovations shows on TV make a big deal of wreaking everything. It is less costly to remove the old shelves, cupboards, sinks, faucets, and toilets to prepare the space. They take sledgehammers to everything. It all goes out in one of those big trash bins or in a bagster like the one shown here. However, if you are careful you can sell recycled materials from renovations. Reuse the material as much as you can. You might even make some money from the old items.

Sell Recycled Materials from Renovations

Recycle or sell as much as you can. Sometimes the only way to remove something is to take a sledge hammer to it. Carefully remove items.  Reuse them or resell them.

Kitchen cupboards make great storage areas in your garage or in the basement. You just need to remove them carefully. Remove faucets in working order and resell them. Many people look for used materials to reuse in cottages etc.

One time I sold a used toilet for $10 to a guy. He was renting an apartment and somehow had broken his toilet. For $10, he was able to replace the broken toilet with mine. It was in good shape, very clean and in working order. Much better than have it take up space in a landfill spot somewhere.

Many items are just beyond recycling. Carpets for example are usually quite worn down and possibly dirty. Tiles are usually broken as they are being removed. Remove mirrors without damaging them. Light fixtures are another favorite item to be considered for recycling. Remove them carefully and resell them.

Window blinds are often custom-made to fit a certain size of the window. Blinds can be difficult to get rid of. However, we offered some blinds for free one time on a free advertising page. They were picked up almost immediately by a family who ran a boy’s school. The blinds were used for the windows. They did not need an exact match.


Before you take the sledgehammer to your old stuff take a moment to consider its value. Can the item you are about to demolish be reused or even sold at a bargain price. It can be a win-win situation. The buyer saves some money. You the seller make a little bit to help pay for the renovation work you are doing.