Solar Panels that Plug into Electrical OutletsWhy is it that we cannot easily purchase solar panels that plug into electrical outlets to generate electricity? We are not actually sure. But there are a number of areas that we believe contribute to the situation and until the costs of solar panels change, it is not likely that we will see a disruptive change to electrical generation in the near future. We have listed a number of areas that need to change to enable this disruptive technology to really have an impact.  We are going to do more research on all of these areas, but this is our first foray into this subject area and reflects what we have initially found. Your comments are welcome.

Basically at this time the cost of equipment makes it prohibitive to invest in this technology for consumers. The amount of money you might save is insufficient to cover the cost of buying the inverter, the panels and meters you need to measure your savings.

Why Solar Panels that Plug into Electrical Outlets are Not Being Used

Solar Companies are looking for large contracts to install and operate solar farms. Solar installations are roof mounted or mounted on large pedestals.

Why don’t We Have Solar Panels that Plug into Electrical Outlets

The economics are just not there. The initial up front cost for the equipment has a very long payback for this equipment. It does not make sense from an investment perspective.

We Need an Entrepreneur – Solar Panels that Plug into Electrical Outlets

There are people who are developing the electric vehicle, again large companies aiming at the large retail market. But so far there does not seem to be any entrepreneurs that are aiming at the retail markets. We need the costs of solar panels to drop significantly for this to happen. Apparently Tesla is planning to build a large solar panel factory in the US that will bring the costs down. Perhaps this will be the disruptive step that will bring a disruption to the huge electrical generating business.