A solar system calculator is a must when you are considering installing a solar power system. There are many decisions to be made in addition to design and physical installation. These decisions should be made prior to your decision to purchase or rent a solar power system. Basically consumers what to determine the answers to several questions. Is it better to lease or rent a solar power system compared to buying a solar power system?  What factors such as interest rate and other fees will impact the payback period and the overall savings. What is the impact regarding maintenance fees?

Solar System Calculator – Vendor Provided

A good solar power vendor will have a solar system calculator that they can provide to the consumer. These calculators  help make the decisions surrounding the purchase and installation of solar power system. Download the app to your smart phones. While others will use a spreadsheet which they can send to the customer. Some sellers may feel that their solar system calculator is a competitive advantage. As a result hey will not release it to the customer. If this happens to you find another provider.

The purchase or rental of a solar power system is a significant decision and the financial analysis surrounding this decision is important to ensure that you gain the maximum savings from the system. Interest rates, fees, maintenance, installation costs, usage, power costs etc must all be factored into the calculations to ensure that the system is designed to maximize the customer’s return on investment.

There are many solar system calculators available and it may even be to your benefit to try several to compare answers. Also consider whether you should buy or rent a solar power system. If you buy do you need to borrow the money or do you have the cash available to make this purchase. All of these factors can impact your decision.