Solar Panel DesignIn our last post, we discussed the need to get a solar system design and to get approval for permits from the city and the electrical organization in your area. It is extremely important to have all the permits in place and approved before you start installation.

Solar system installation is pretty straightforward. However, you do need to know what you’re doing and be able to follow an electrical design. There are also practical ways to install cables and mount hardware on your roof. You do not want to damage your roof in any way. It could cause water leakage or deterioration of the roof material.

Solar System Installation

It is often better to hire a qualified solar installation professional. They will ensure that everything is done according to the electrical code, the permit that has been approved, and the solar system design that has been laid out.

If there are any damages caused by the solar system installation, you may attempt a claim against your home insurance. Make sure that everything meets the electrical quote and installation procedures.

In fact, before you begin installation, you should confirm with your insurance company that they will insure your home and the electrical system. You may have to add a rider to your insurance for proper coverage.

We also suggest that you discuss the installation with the installer. Make sure that you’re totally 100% comfortable with everything that they’re going to do. Particularly with any mounting hardware, they’re going to install on the exterior of your home, as well as penetration through any walls for cabling and installation in the interior of your home.

Most installation companies will be more than happy to explain all of this before they begin.

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