Spalling Concrete RepairMost consumers have seen spalling concrete and wonder what are the spalling concrete causes. We find our sidewalks in front of our homes look like the picture. Or perhaps our garage floors look like the one in the picture as well. One section of the sidewalk might be fine. The fundamental cause is usually contractors who do not finish the concrete properly. They add water to the surface to keep it moist until they have a chance to finish it. Or they start finishing the surface before the bleed water has a chance to be absorbed. Both of these actions weaken the surface of the concrete making it susceptible to environmental conditions.

Spalling Concrete Causes

Consumers who live in areas that are exposed to constant freeze-thaw conditions may experience more severe spalling conditions. They will see this in their concrete sidewalks and garage floors or driveways. Water can get between the cracks.

In most cases, it is only the surface that lifts up. It will remain strong. The surface does not look great. As a result, spalling can even devalue your home when it comes time to sell it.

In our next post “Spalling Concrete Repair”, we will quickly explain how consumers can do their own repairs. How they can make their garage floor, sidewalk or driveway look new again? For more repair information around the home, click here.