tire priceTire prices vary a great deal from one vender to another and the services that come with the price that is quoted can also vary a great deal. Consumers can sometimes save themselves a lot of money on just the tire price alone when they make their purchase. But getting a low tire price initially is not always the best deal. Compare total cost over the long term or the life of the tire. Other costs can sometimes creep in. Which makes that cheap tire price look very expensive over the long term.

These costs will generally even out the overall cost of the tire with that of other tires that are pricier but include various services. This is how many dealers really make their money. Sell tires as a loss leader and then recoup the profits on services later. Read on to see why we believe that you should always include services such as balancing and tire rotation.

Tire Price –  Rotation

All manufacturers of tires as well as car manufacturers will tell you that you can maximize the life of your tires. As well as maximize your car’s gas mileage if your tires are rotated every so many miles. In addition make sure that your tires are always in balance. Tire rotation can be included in the tire price for the length of time you own your car. Or you can choose to exclude this feature and do your own tire rotation. Although it is a bit of work doing your own tire rotation. It is no problem provided that you follow the necessary safety requirements. Make sure the lugs are placed on tight enough when you replace the tire.

But tires also must be balanced and they are usually are balanced when you purchase the tires and have them installed. However you can lose the weights on your car’s tires. Your tires will suddenly be out of balance causing unnatural wear and tear on the tires. Your car’s tires will wear out much more quickly. There may be vibration in the front end which can also wear out your shocks much more quickly. You cannot balance tires yourself. An expensive machine is required.

Take Advantage of Tire Rotation

When tire rotation and balancing is included in the tire price, take advantage of it. Each rotation and balancing can cost as much as $20 per tire or more in some cases. After several of these episodes your cheap tire price without these services might end up costing you much more than what you originally thought. This is the crux of the question. Will your tire price and money you save by not taking the services offered save you money over the long term? Or will you spend more on tire re-balancing, tire rotation, premature tire replacement, premature shock replacement and possibly even ball joint replacement.

Tire Price – Conclusion

For my money I would always take a tire price that includes all of these services and then I would make sure to keep my tires at an optimum level of service. This approach will keep my car safe, it will stop premature wear and tear and I will get better gas mileage as well. Always compare like for like services when you are shopping around to make sure that you get the best deal.

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