Removing Strippable WallpaperThis is an easy task for most do it yourself consumers. You can save a little money and reduce the cost of homeownership.  Before we begin, always use strip-able wallpaper. I am not even sure that you can still purchase non-strip-able wallpaper. Spend the extra money, it is not much. Install the kind that is strip-able and Removing Strippable Wallpaper is so much easier when the time comes. You will really appreciate this advice if you ever have to remove that wallpaper.

This post is about removing wallpaper from your wall and making an easy job of it. I just spent the last two hours removing wallpaper in the front room of our house and it took me about two hours to do the entire room, thanks to our decision to use the strip-able kind. Even so, this particular wallpaper was more difficult than some, which I will explain in a moment. I have in past years removed non-strip-able wallpaper that was installed by other people and had a very difficult time removing it. Never again will I have to do this. I would not even buy a home with this kind of wallpaper.

The Basic Process for Removing Strippable Wallpaper

The basic process is to take a wet sponge and wipe a small area, perhaps a 2 foot by 8 foot section. Let the water soak in for about five minutes and then grab a corner and begin to pull it off the wall. If it comes easy, the paper will come off easily leaving little backing on the wall.

Next, take the same sponge and wipe the wall that you have just removed the wallpaper from. The remaining paper can be easily scraped off the wall using a scraper along with any wet glue that remains on the wall.

The last step is to again wipe the wall and clean off any remaining glue that may be left on the wall. If you are planning on painting the wall you may need to lightly sand the wall and apply primer to ensure great adhesion of the paint.

Harder to Remove Wall Paper

Some wallpapers have a heavy coating with a paper backing. Sometimes the water does not penetrate the outer layer of the wallpaper very well. In this case, it will probably come off the wall in two layers. The second layer of paper remaining on the wall. Once you have only regular paper left on the wall, apply water with the sponge again, and then scrape the wall after about 5 minutes.

This takes more time, but is very doable within a few hours. If you gouge the wall with your scraper you will have to patch it with a bit of drywall mud and then give it a light sanding prior to painting.

Non Strip-able Wall Paper

This kind of wallpaper should never be used. If you encounter this type, be prepared for lots of work. Use water as before and plan to do lots of scraping to remove the wall paper. Some times you may also have to use a little heat from a blow dryer to try to melt the glue, however, this will be a lot of work and take quite a bit of time.

Be careful that you do not accidentally cause a fire by making the paper so hot that it ignites.  I once had to remove this kind of wallpaper from a kitchen and it must have taken me two full days to get it all off. This stuff should not be on the market.

If you have suggestions about removing strippable wallpaper and saving people money, leave us a comment. Our readers will appreciate it.