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Do you Lose Power with Solar Panels Installed

Do you Lose Power with Solar Panels InstalledMost consumers automatically assume that they will have electrical power, even if the electrical grid fails. Do you Lose Power with Solar Panels Installed? The quick answer is that it really depends on your installation and whether you have battery back up or not. Before you spend any money on solar panels, consumers need to review their objectives and decide what features are most important to them vs. their budget. Do they want emergency power that automatically switches on for them in a power failure.? Or do they just need to save energy costs and use solar power all of the time?

There can be large differences in each installation and the associated cost of these systems.

Many consumers are interested in saving money by having a solar power system. Their system will generate electricity during the day and feed it back into the grid. This will not only save them money but it will also generate income for them whenever they generate enough to feed into the grid.

When the power grid fails, the solar power system also shuts off. This is necessary to protect repairmen and avoid electrocution. As a result, the homeowner is also without power in this situation!

Do you Lose Power with Solar Panels Installed

Most consumers do not install batteries with their solar power systems. There is an approximate 30% additional cost to install battery backup. Anyone who really needs backup power for medical or business needs will take this option.

When the power grid fails, the solar power system will disconnect from the grid and continue generating power to feed the batteries. They, in turn, feed the home’s electrical requirements. Something to consider when you make a decision to purchase a solar power system.

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Consumer Solar Electric Generation Trends

Consumer Solar Electric Generation TrendsAs the cost of solar panels declines and the cost of power from traditional sources increases, consumer solar electric generation trends are going to favor homeowners installing their own solar panels on the roofs of their houses. Homeowners in the southwestern United States find that there is e a positive business case for solar power installation. Rates per KW are high for electricity. Solar power is getting cheaper and they have more days of full sunshine than most other areas in the US.

Consumer Solar Electric Generation Trends

Based on our research, the cost of generating power via solar panels has dropped 10% per year over the past 5 years. As a result, it is now near the national average of $.12 per kilowatt. In many places, the cost of power is much higher than this figure. The high cost of traditional power supports the business case to install solar power-generating panels on the roof of a home.

Over the next 25 years, there will be a significant increase in solar power generation. Solar power may never replace or even jeopardize the existence of large traditional power generation plants.  They will have an impact on the industry over time and be an alternative power source.

Consumers will demand better more efficient prices. Either by installing solar panels or by the traditional players developing more efficient power generation of their own. Solar power generation will grow significantly. From an estimated .2% of the total to a much larger portion of the power industry.

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